Monday, December 31, 2018

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fazli,
Have reached you through Allie and Helens Place......have only just glanced into your 'blog' but I must say it looks terrific. So many 'bells' started ringing! Will return soon and must finish off the new input on Mike Wilson whom I first remember riding into Maya Avenue to J.O. Eberts house( he helped Arthur Clarke with the photography for 'Reefs....)in a battered old Jeep full of very pretty young girls - all quite out of reach to us 'namba's'.....I lived next door to the Eberts and across the road to Gillian and Toni Joseph, daughters of Hentley.

Cheers for now,

Tony Williams.(SJC & KSLSC).(

Faz said...

Thanks for the comments Tony. Its nice to know that the blog has reached far and wide and into the hearts and minds of many people of my vintage. I am sure it will be of interest to many generaytions to come when we have all moved on and it is still alive on the Internet. Allie has been a monster of help in collecting data for the blog. Thanks again! - Fazli

Anonymous said...

Dear Fazli,

You don't know me but I think you are a great pride to your generation of Sri Lankans. Keep up the good work! I am enjoying reading your blog.

Faz said...

Many Thanks Niroshan. It is certainly, most heartwarming to know that the times we spent in Colombo, in the sixties through eighties, is being relished succintly by people like you.

I believe it is very important for present day generations to build their futures by simply gancing at many of the wonderful things left behind by the previous generations.


Unknown said...

RE:Mrs Serasinghe was a widow and worked at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital. Her son, Preman, is now a Priest. The Vallipurams, a Tamil family, lived in the last house.

Mrs. Serasinghe was Dr.Saerasinghe as I recall.
Her late husband was an Anglican Priest.Preman became a lay preacher.

Opposite the Vallipurams lived Fr.Christian Thambimuttu and his family.Fr Thambimuttu was associated with St.Paul's Milagiriya.His son Cuthbert (Tubby) Thambimuttu is an Entomologist / rare book collector in America.

Faz said...

Thanks Tubby. I have updatd all your little bits and pieces on Mary's Road in the story. Please feel free to send in everything you can remember for posterity.

aynzan said...

Wow!! I just got the opportunity to read some of your older posts.I am fascinated by the stories you have narrated.I can vividly visualize Sri Lanka in the bygone days,thanks to your superb recounting.Please Keep writing!!

Faz said...

The City of Colombo was one fascinating placed to live in the 60's. People were extremely close knit irrespective of ethnicity or race and there was a great sense of friendship and camaraderie everywhere. I am glad you enjoy the stories which I have managed to relate to the best of my memory.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fazli

Just read the blog about Bamba and the superbly written stuff. You must have spent a helluva long time in gathering your facts etc.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to more of the good work.


Ifthikar Sheriff

Unknown said...

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