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Streets of Dehiwela

Streets of Dehiwela

The Seaside of Dehiwela starts off at the bridge over the Dehiwela Canal bordering the Bo Tree.

The southern boundary was less clear. The Mt. Lavinia cemetery on the west side of Galle Road was quite clear. However, the demarcation to the east of Galle Road was less clear. Kawdana Road was definitely Dehiwala.

Wasala Road

Melford Crescent

Ebenezer Place faces Council Avenue. A great big house later belonging to the Munasinghes was at the corner of Galle Road and Ebenezer Place. The land extended all the way to the Beach. It was divided equally between the Munasinghes and a de Alwis family, the latter owning the bottom half.

1st Lane (dead end street)

Frazer Avenue

There was a Tennis club at the bottom. Mr. C P de A Abeysinghe (former Headmaster of the Royal Junior School (Grades 6, 7 and 8) at Royal College lived down this road. As did Premasiri Guruswamy  a fellow Royal College 59 Group member.

Rathnakara Place

BCS (Buddhi) Gunawardena another 59er lived down this street.

Athapattu Mawatha (continues across Galle Road on to the land side)

Initium Road

Albert Place

The Jayasekeras four boys at STC and one, Mohan played cricket for the school lived down this street

Campbell Place

The St. Peter’s cricketing family de Neeses lived in the last house on the south side. They all migrated to Australia in later years.

2nd Lane

A Senadhira family with four daughters lived down this Road.

[Frazer Avenue to 2nd Lane all connect to Ramanathan Road, parallel to Galle Road]

Peters Lane

Muhandiram Lane

Vanderwert Place

The Sivasuprmaniam family lived at No.16. There were about 5 girls in the family and their father was a lawyer.

Old Royalist, A R L Wijesekera and his family lived down this street. ARL Captained Badminton at Royal and later completed Chemistry Special degree and worked for the Government Analysts for many years. His brother is R O B Wijesekera (another Royalist), was a fellow Chemist who worked many years at the CISIR specializing in Essential oil of Sri Lanka. The two brothers obtained their doctoral degrees in later years.

Inner Vanderwert Place (off Vanderwert Place)

Rodney Vanderwall (Royal College 59 Group) lived down this street

Perera Lane

De Alwis Place
(flows back into Perera Lane)

Annie Avenue

Fairline Road

Rodrigo Lane

Gregorys Place


There was a road heading north from the Station Road called Sunshine Avenue.
Senanayake Mawatha branches off fom this street and heads back to Galle road

D E Jayawardene Mawatha

Ediriweera Avenue

Aponso Avenue

Runs down from Galle Road towards the sea and branches off on the left and right as it reaches the railway tracks

rn Side

Dudley Senanayake Mawatha

Sri Dhammapala Mawatha

Moving south from this point, one meets the Mount Lavinia Cemetery on the left (seaside)



Moor Road


On the south side of the Hospital Road facing Galle Road was the William Grinding Mills. Many in the area had their paddy de-hulled and their spices ground at this place.


Mosque Road (off Hospital Road)

Council Avenue (off Hospital Road)

Allan Avenue

Starts at Council Avenue anruns all the way to Hill Steet passing by the Zoological Gardens. The S de S Jayasinghe Park is located on this street. A large meat, vege, and fruit market (Pola) opens up every Sunday morning at the Hill Street end in Karagampitiya.

Pinwatte Road (off Hospital Road)

Sri Saranankara Road (off Hospital Road)

Jayasiri Mawatha (off Hospital Road)

Canal tributary

Moves south from Wellawatte towards Nedimala along Jayasamagi Mawatha to Attidiya

Jayasamagi Mawatha (off Hospital Road)

Sri Wimalasiri Road (off Hospital Road)

P Ruben Pieris Road (off Hospital Road)

Hathbodiya Road (off Hospital Road)

Asiri Road (off Hospital Road)

Alwis Avenue (off Hospital Road)

School Avenue (off Hospital Road)

Sri Maha Vihara Road (off Hospital Road)

De Silva Cross Road (off Hospital Road)

Prathibimbarama Road (off Hospital Road)

Temple Road (off Hospital Road)

Pieris Road (off Hospital Road)

Parakrama Lane (off Hospital Road)

Jayasamagi Mawatha (off Hospital Road)

De Silva Road (off Hospital Road)

WBS Boteju Mawatha (off De Silva Road)

Sujatha Avenue (off De Silva Road)

Panyananda Mawatha (off De Silva Road)

Anderson Road (off Hospital Road)

Mudaliyar Mawatha (off Hospital Road)

Millenium Avenue

Mendis Lane

Atapattu Mawatha

Jayawardene Avenue

Charles Place

Sri Mahabodhi Road

Hilda Lane

Waidya Road

Metha Abeygunawardena (Royal College 59 Group) lived down this Road. In latter years he moved to Kawdana.

Hill House Garden Road


Wijesekere Road

Subodharama Road

Kawdana Road

Pallidorai Road [off Kawdana Road]

Mihindu Road

Terrence Avenue

Alwis Place

St Anthonys Mawatha

St Sylvesters Road