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Dematagoda (Colombo 9)

Dematagoda begins where Borella ends and runs along Baseline Road towards Grandpass. The town is flanked by Maradana and Grandpass on the west and Urogudawatte on the east and has been the residence of lower middle income families since old times. It is also the gateway to the towns of Kolonnawa, Gothatuwa and Angoda on the east.

Baseline Road (Dr Danister de Silva Mawatha)
The main trunk road in Colombo that begins at Kanatte junction in Borella and runs in a very straight linbe all the way up north towards Grandpass cutting through Demetagoda. The road is now renamed into three sections, the northernmost part within Dematagoda being referred to as Dr Danister de Silva Mawatha.

Dematagoda Railway Quarters are located on Dematagoda Road opposite Albion Road on the left. The Railway Department Workshop and Yard are also located further north on the left of this street.

In recent times a flyover bridge has been constructed at Dematagodsa junction enabling traffic to move underneath and also the Fort bound railway tracks (previously used to be a level crossing) in order to avoid the massive congestion that prevails in this locality. The extreme end of the road runs over the Ela where it meets Stace Road on he left and Avissawella Road on the right. This section is referred to as Urugodawatte.

Dematagoda Road (Sri Vajirangana Mawatha & NMM Ishak Mawatha)
This street which begins at Maradana ends up at Dematagoda the section of which has now been renamed to NMM Ishak Mawatha after the politican and MP Mr Haleem Ishak who used to live there.

The Dematagoda Police Station and St. Mathews College are located at the right side of the street where it meets Baseline Road.

Kolonnawa Road
On the east side at the Demetagoda junction this street takes a right angled turn towards Kolonnawa where it meets Albion Road (Sri Dharmarama Road) in a fork and extends further eastwards where it crosses over the Dematagoda Ela and intersects Meetotamulla Road. Meetotamulla Road further branches off into Pansalhena Road and Abrew Place (dead-end road).

The road further moves towards Gothatuwa and Angoda, where the Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) is located. The Dematagoda National Housing Scheme is located on the right of this street.

Albion Road (Sri Dhammarama Road)
The next road on the right running eastwards which meets Kolonnawa Road in a fork. Albion Lane intersects it to meet Kolonnawa Road at the Community Center junction. Dematagoda Sub Post Office is located at the top of this street on the left. Further down on the left is the Vidyalankara Pirivena.

Sri Mahinda Dharma Mawatha is the next street on the right which leads to a dead end.

Kent Road
A dead end road that runs on the right of Dematagoda Road eastwards towards the Ela. It has several smaller by roads running in both directions within its confines but all ending in dead-ends.

Kupiyawatte Road
The next street on the right is Kupiyawatte Road which is also a dead-end street which stops almost halfway towards` the Ela.

Aramya Road/Place
The next street on the right where the Dematagoda highway (flyover) begins. The street banches off into Aramya Passage and Seelaratne Lane, both ending in dead-ends. Aramya Road continues on the left inbto Aramya Place which runs all the way to meet the Ela at another dead-end This locality is referred to as Kupiyawatte..

The Srisama Viharaya and the Ariayawansaramaya are also located here.

Mahawela Lane/Mahawela Gardens
Almost wherfe the highway ends are Mahawela Lane and Mahaela Gardens, on the right of Dematagoda Road running eastwards. The former ends up in a dead end where a Mosque is located close to the Ela. The latter runs in a circle towards the Ela and connects back to itself.

The Dematagoda Railway Station is located between Aramya Road and Mahawela Lane. The rail tracks run over the Ela on a bridge before leaving Colombo and crossing Avissawella Road towards Kelaniya on the Kandy line. The small guage Kelani Valley (KV) line also connects here from Borella.

Sri Saddharma Mawatha
The main trunk road that begins at Panchikawatte Road, as Prdaeepa Mawtha, in Maradana and meets Dematagoda after the flyover ends. The Kuppiyawatte Muslim burial grounds is located on the left here. Maligawatte Maha Vidyalaya is located on Demetagoda Road further ahead on the left.

Bodhiraja Mawatha
The next street on the left of Dematagoda Road which hails from Maligawatte in Maradana. The Mexical Consulate is located on the right of Demetagoda Road where this street meets.

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