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Lankan Musicans

Sunday Times Nov 26 2000

'Largely Latin Show'

'Largely Latin' concert will come alive at the western garden of the BMICH on December 1.

Billed to perform are several Sri Lankan born musicians who have risen to international repute, two foreign stars, and a bevy of accomplished local performers, carefully selected for their musical style and technical virtuosity, the organizer said.

The international contingent to 'Largely Latin' comprises Sri Lanka's Dylan Lye, Hussain Jiffry, Dulip Wijesinghe and Sunil de Silva.

The international contingent will also include vocalist Carrie Gibson and keyboardist Stan Ganapolsky. Both are from Canada and have performed with Buddy Miles among other world renowned musicians.

The local contingent, which will perform guest spots during the four-hour extravaganza comprises Alston Joachim (bass); Harsha Markalanda (keyboards); Ravibandu Vidyapathi (percussion); Revel Crake (guitar); Shiraz Noor Amith (drums); and the Caribbean expatriate vocalist Suzanne Wallace.

Hussain Jiffry - (Bass/Vocals/Arranger/Composer) born and raised in Colombo, Hussain has become one of the most sought after bassists in Los Angeles.

In 1982 while performing with a local band in Sri Lanka, Hussain was offered to tour Europe with R & B Band, and eventually spent six years on the European club circuit. In 1988 he moved over to Los Angeles to study music at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. He graduated from MI in March 1989 receiving the school's highest award, the Vocational Honors Diploma.

Hussain is a Faculty Member of the Los Angeles Music Academy and has written the Latin Styles curriculum.

During the past ten years Hussain has gradually grown busier and more in demand as his reputation has spread as a player, writer and producer. He regularly tours with Sergio Mendez and has also toured and recorded with Whitney Houston, Dione Warwick, Michael Bolton, Freddie Ravel, Stephanie Powers, Pocket Change, Tom Scott, Robert Kyle, Chaka Khan, Carol King, Gloria Gainer and Tito Puente.

Sunil De Silva (Percussionist)- Born in Sri Lanka, Sunil de Silva got his first major break when he was invited to perform with the famous SAVAGES, which toured Vietnam.

Sunil who now lives in Australia has played on over 280 CDs and Albums, including the latest of INXS and MIDNIGHT OIL and has won all Major Music Instrumental Awards in Australia, including: Best Studio Player, Best Jazz Percussionist and Best Latin Percussionist. He currently performs with Doug Williams' new band, LR MIX and as well as the COOGEE BROTHERS.

Sunil has also performed with Renee Geyer, Marcia Hines, James Morison, Tommy Emmanuel, Jenny Morris and Wendy Mathews and has toured with Prince, Paul McCartney, INXS, Midnight Oil, Germaine Jackson, Peter Allen, Tears For Fears, John Denver and Bob Marley.

Dylan Lye (Guitarist/Vocals/Band Leader Guitarist/vocalist) - Dylan Lye, moved over to Hongkong with the Jetliners in the early eighties to perform at the Regent Hotel.

Dylan has performed at many leading venues in Hongkong, Macau, China and Singapore with reputed international musicians and has even headed Quintels comprising international musicians touring Colombo on a couple of occasions.

Dulip Wijesinghe (Bubu) (Drums/Percussion/Vocals) - born in Sri Lanka, Bubu has performed extensively in Hongkong with the Jetliners. He has backed many local and international artistes including Glen Frey (Little River Band). Simon Gallagher and Georgie Fame.

Bubu works in the Macau and Hongkong circuit, making an impression at the Jazz Club, JJ's (Grand Hyatt) and BB's. He has also performed with the Anthony Fernandez Big Band, SNJO Japanese Big Band, the Venezulan Salsa Band and the Hongkong Academy of Performing Arts' 56-piece Orchestra and regularly teams up with the Dylan Lye Quintet.

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