Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Streets of Dehiwela

The Sea side of Dehiwela starts off at the bridge over the Dehiwela canal bordering the Bo Tree.

Wasala Road

Melford Crescent

Ebenezer Place

1st Lane (dead end street)

Frazer Avenue

Rathnakara Place

Athapattu Mawatha (continues across Galle Road on to the land side)

Initium Road

Albert Place

Campbell Place

2nd Lane

[Frazer Avenue to 2nd Lane all connect to Ramanathan Road parallel to Galle Road]

Peters Lane

Muhandiram Lane

Vanderwert Place

Inner Vanderwert Place (off Vanderwert Place)

Perera Lane

De Alwis Place (flows back into Perera Lane)

Annie Avenue

Fairline Road

Rodrigo Lane

Gregorys Place


D E Jayawardene Mawatha

Ediriweera Avenue

Aponso Avenue

Dudley Senanayake Mawatha

Sri Dhammapala Mawatha



Moor Road



Mosque Road (off Hospital Road)

Council Avenue (off Hospital Road)

Pinwatte Road (off Hospital Road)

Sri Saranankara Road (off Hospital Road)

Jayasiri Mawatha (off Hospital Road)


Jayasevana Mawatha (off Hospital Road)

Sri Wimalasiri Road (off Hospital Road)

P Ruben Pieris Road (off Hospital Road)

Hathbodiya Road (off Hospital Road)

Asiri Road (off Hospital Road)

Alwis Avenue (off Hospital Road)

School Avenue (off Hospital Road)

Sri Maha Vihara Road (off Hospital Road)

De Silva Cross Road (off Hospital Road)

Prathibimbarama Road (off Hospital Road)

Temple Road (off Hospital Road)

Pieris Road (off Hospital Road)

Parakrama Lane (off Hospital Road)

Jayasamagi Mawatha (off Hospital Road)

De Silva Road (off Hospital Road)

WBS Boteju Mawatha (off De Silva Road)

Sujatha Avenue (off De Silva Road)

Panyananda Mawatha (off De Silva Road)

Anderson Road (off Hospital Road)

Mudaliyar Mawatha (off Hospital Road)

Millenium Avenue

Mendis Lane

Atapattu Mawatha

Jayawardene Avenue

Charles Place

Sri Mahabodhi Road

Hilda Lane

Waidya Road

Hill House Garden Road


Wijesekere Road

Subodharama Road

Kawdana Road

Pallidorai Road [off Kawdana Road]

Mihindu Road

Terrence Avenue

Alwis Place

St Anthonys Mawatha

St Sylvesters Road

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