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Jisty Careem's Stories from Galle

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Mar 8 2014
Srilal Arseculeratne Jisty John James is real gentleman. Still I can remember hos good old days at your Oberoi shop. When Ever I get a free time I used to go & have a chat with him.

Disti Meerac SRILAL, Machang, It's worthwhile to repeat ( very briefly) the flamboyant past of John..my partner in business for a long time...was the FIRST to set up an elite jewelry store in the Far East..His shop in very close proximity to the RAFFLES of Singapore. The well heeled customers from the Raffles dropped by and..you can imagine the rest..Yeah, my grand father became quite wealthy and eventually became the CROWN jeweler...TO THE SULTAN OF JOHORE.. back to JOHN JAMES, his love for ..hmm yeah..women and wine brought him down. His wife Theresa found out he had an affair with a SRI LANKAN girl....Theresa wrapped up all the jewelry, gems, cash in the bank and vanished out of sight...John and she had joint accounts..Yeah, you reap what you sow....and John came crashing down...but the great man told me..." Yeah Jisty, i got what i asked for,,"TROUBLE" Hmm..end of short story machang SRILAL

July 18 2014
Disti Meerac To take it a bit further, Lanka 70's.John was'broke' and Hilmy Rauf offered him a job as PR man at Maharaja organisation Gems export section...I was broke and john was broke..grreat eh ?...that's why we came up with a plan to get ourselves ..Up from the floor..andto get UP and (hopefully) going...John told me..." Machang, ( although he was twenty years older than i was)..can you think of something DECENT to get out of this miserable hole that we both are stuck in...( continued..this story..if you are interested, that is ?)

okay, glad that you ARE interested. So, john and I made sure we wore our best clothes to make us FEEL good..yeah, all spruiked up..but hardly any money in our pockets..Still, we went to INTERCONTINENTAL hotel to have a drink...made us feel good and familiar for things we liked...( like sitting in a nice place with a certain ambience and sipping a drink and being among clean and well dressed good looking people)..Gee, I certainly sound elitist, don't I? but what can i do, but tell you the truth..

Mohamed Nilam Jisty I remember John James very well, he was also a member of the Lioms Club of Wellewatte West with me

Disti Meerac Hi Nilam...yeah, John had charisma. He was persuaded to join Ahmed Salie bros..( yeah, juggle bath brother s)..opposite Apothecaries fort colombo..Soon he was making money for these boru show. brothers who thrived by not paying back suppliers... Yeah, you probably have 1st hand experience... 

Mohamed Nilam Yeah I am one of the victim of one of the Brothers
today's value few millions. Faleel knew the whole story.

I dreamt Faleel few days back May Allah grant him Jennah. Ameeen

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