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Family Affair

Family Affair :-

The "Family Affair" started in England in 1965 with the Sri Lankan brothers Hermon Fernando (keyboard) and Herb Fernando (Drums) and Noel Cream (Guitar/Vocals). 
The Group was joined by Sri Lankan Ralph Reid (Guitar/Vocals) and American Steve Whitman (Bass Guitar), known then as "The International Five" , they recorded 3 songs at EMI Manchester Square Studios, London W1 in August 1967 with recording engineers Ron Randall and Ron Hill , two original compositions: 'Hanging Around' ; 'World of Sunshine' ; which were two of their best recordings by the Group and 'Just as Much as Ever' (a Cover version of a Nat King Cole song) 

The band line up changed with Noel Cream's sister Linda Cream replacing Ralph Reid as a vocalist and Annie Keefer replacing Steve Whitman as Bass Guitarist. The group name changed to "Family Affair"

Hermon Fernando was replaced in 1969 by another brother Milroy Fernando. Milroy and Herb were joined by Ralph Reid , who returned to the Group, Sri Lankan Valentine Manikkavasseger (Bass Guitar / Double Bass) and American Dan Armstrong (Guitar) concentrating on Jazz, Latin and Baila Music.The group recorded Sri Lankan Music and Baila at EMI Manchester Square Studios in 1976 again with Ron Hill as the Recording Engineer.

In 1969 Family Affairs backed C.T. Fernando and Patrick Denipitya at the BBCs Bush House Studios for the program Sandeshaya. They released a number of LPs including Loving You under Saga label, and most recently released their latest CD of 60's music titled "Hanging Around".

Sadly Hermon Fernando passed away on the 07th June 2004. BBC Radio 2 paid tribute to him on Brian Matthewss Saturday morning show Sounds of the 60s, by playing their songs.

This is the English version of the famous Mignone and The Jetliners
s Kadallae Athiwu recorded by Family Affair. Lyrics and music by Mignone herself.

posted by Jude Goonewardane on FB July 22 2012

Thanks Jude for the post on FAMILY AFFAIR. May I add some info on some members of 

Family Affair.Ralph Reid is the elder of the Reid Brothers that you featured a few weeks 

ago.Valentine Manikavasagar is the elder brother of the late great bass players Nesan and 

Lucky.Valentine has gone on to issuing his own Jazz recordings as Val Manix. in London.

Valentine is also an accomplished modern jazz pianist.Milroy was earlier with Gabo 

playing Tenor Sax and Piano with distinction.From London he proceeded to Switzerland 

and was active playing with several groups.Due to serious illness he returned to Colombo 

and unfortunately passed away without recovering.One of the brothers presented me with 

copies of all their CD''s and cassettes The Fernando brothers were really talented.

posted by Kumar Molligoda on FB - July 22 2012

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