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CIC Evergreens

Extracted from CIC Evergreens blog:

Tales from the 1960’s on the going ons at Chartered Bank Building on Queen Street Fort where CIC, Chemanex, Carsons, Bartleets, and other similar private sector corporations had their offices.

Contributions by email!

Hi Eric I liked the story about the bank manager! Anything is possible in SL. As for the mag it was purely a departmental creation and died a natural death after its first inauguration. Please keep writing about the good days in CIC - It makes us feel younger!!


Hi Paths, Many thanks for that brief journey to the days at the Wharf Dept. I could faintly recollect the Mag you refer to with Elmo & Jauffer a good combine for English presentation and diction. The definitions you quote(ad verbatim) were I guess in the spirit of the day and good fun too. Yes one cannot forget Lalith R being given a scooter but never rode it!! I travelled to Chilaw to sign as Guarantor for a Bank loan taken by Austin many moons ago. The loan was agreed and we returned to Austin's home for a drink and lunch; imagine an hour later the bank Manager who okayed the loan also joining us - that was the good part of life in SL in those halcyon times!!



Hi Eric, It's great you remember all those details about Austin. I worked with Austin in the Wharf Dept. At the time he used to travel from Chilaw. For our first Departmental party we had to contribute something for our Mag. whose editors were Jauffer and Elmo. I remember writing this about Austin among others "Comes for work tired, goes home rather refreshed". By the way this is what Elmo and Jauffer wrote about us. TBP (T B Pathamanthan) - Trying Best for Permanent (I was on probation!) TS (T Satkunasingham) - Tilted Swaggerer. RSSI ( Ranjit Illanagakoon) - Riders Scooters Sold to Invalids (Invalid in question was Lalith Ranasinghe!).I can't remember the rest!!



God, what a memory, Paths...............I remember writing a set of limericks about the boys in the C & F including some unkind things about Joe Roche's strict adherence to the Catholic Church's dictum of no birth control but I can't remember a magazine, It's a pity Jauffer hasn't joined our group even though he promised (like many others in SL) to write something on my last visit there. I'm sure he would have remembered. I know I kept the limericks for a long time but it's gone to its just rewards now. I'm sorry we were so cruel to some of you guys in making up acronyms but we could not forgive Lalith having this brand new Lambretta, keeping it in his drawing room with the plastic covers still on the damn thing! It was a 150 cc and we knew Lalith had no way of controlling it as his feet wouldn't touch the ground even if he managed to get it going. But he did, in the end! Austin had a phrase he used almost every day, mostly to Ragu, and if I remember right it was about a "jigi, jigi" while stroking his crotch at the same time (sorry, girls). Perhaps Ragu can remember the whole saying. I'm including Jill in this e-mail as I got one from her to say she reads our mails regularly even though she doesn't respond all the time. Can you please make sure she's included in your's as well? I also had an e-mail from Nalini about her latest tour overseas to Chennai, Bangalore and lucky can you get???? Hope you had a great time there, Nalini.......isn't Ooty India's N'Eliya?



Paths you were great in recalling the famous quote of Austin Fernando. I too wish we can get him on our list. Remember Austin hanging on to the footboard on the last leg home after a sports club picnic and still trying to strum his guitar. I stood by him lest he fell off guitar and all!! Well those were the days! Eric How can I forget the Wharf Dept. with all of you upstairs; all the tidbits starts and ends there ...making a visit to the wharf dept. was all the more necessary to listen to another juicy news. And it was great to read what Paths, Ananda and Eric have been writing.

· A) I remember De Mel always trying to stop me from going upstairs unless it is official, and would ask me, "Engada Porai, mela pohathe”. He did not like Joe Roche and vice versa, and he did not like it either, when I had a good laugh with Joe or all the rest of the wharf dept. crowd. When I return. De Mel would ask ."Enda sirikkirai” or “what did Joe Roche talk about"? De Mel was always a trouble creator. So I always carry the Wharf Dept. expense sheet or something like that when I go upstairs so I have a ready made answer for him.

· B) I also remember that when I go upstairs there is this other dark Tamil guy, with the beard, who goes fishing to the port area too, (I forget his name, he used to chew beetle leaves too. He was working when the manager before Joe Roche was there, again I forget the name, Daniel or something). Elmo you might remember. This guy used to ask me to come fishing with him, to the jetty, "Va povom, nalla meen pudickalam" foot, ....I was what .around 23 or 24 then I was scared to talk to the guy too, because he was always drunk, in the afternoons. I do not know what kind of fish he was interested in catching. So I never went. Ha! Ha!

· C) I also remember De Bruin ....he will come down all the way from Wharf Dept and will ask me for =/50 cts regularly, to have a shot. I would say to him, “what, you don't have 50 cts?” He would say "no machan, my wife does not give me any money”. At the time it was a very strange answer to me, because we earn to spend for the home right. “Why is that?” I would ask ...and he would say, “my wife takes my whole salary, and gives me only the bus fare to come to office”. He had a way of covering his mouth .. he would look at me, over and over again when he climbs the stairs, to go back upstairs, and his red face will turn redder, laughing. Oh boy, I remember that very distinctly, He will always get his =/50cts, in the end, anyway. Hi Ragu, What a wonderful journey down memory lane-many thanks. I would state that era was about the best as we had a wonderful set of colleagues and some 'hard nuts' (like XL) too. I guess it was a mix we had to put up with for better or worse? The strained feelings between XL and Joe were common knowledge but very unfortunate. You have done pretty well regaling us with all the stories of your visits to the C& F Dept and etc.etc. Prior to Joe, Lambert Ratnayake was the Wharf Manager with Joe Coggins and Lance Abeysekera as deputies. Austin was always a jovial type though travelling 50 miles each morning to work from Chilaw. I heard he moved to Kandana many years ago. Well, Fareeda & Kanthi were good sports and also played for the CIC Netball team along with Nalinee and shoot Rukmani. Our coach was none other than Maclom (aney! aney!) Andree; recall Ivor & I making our presence as officials from the Sports Club and enjoying the fun! Ragu, if I remember right De Bruin was never the master of his home but always a nice chap. He came on his way home with a box of eggs to witness a hockey match; alas when the game was over the eggs went missing and he was given the works by his burly wife!! Thanks Ragu - hope you are behaving yourself whilst the better half is away in UK.



Hi Ragu and the rest of our active Evergreens, The ruffian you refer to was Michael Pulle from Modera who always loved to sport a tie whilst at work – the reason!! Michael who worked with me in Accounts for a while wanted to impress his intended father-in-law, an executive in the Port Cargo Corp, as he was eyeing his only daughter. Believe me Michael succeeded in his plans ; however after a few years the marriage ran into problems after the truth re Michael's position at the Office also came out - he was only a clerk though posing off as an Executive. He was crazy re diving and fishing. Ragu, yes we did have a fine TT team with you, Raju, Joe Roche, Anto & Kathiravelu and 'yours truly'. To the good times!


Hi Evergreens and Eric!

Yeah the Dept. head was Ratnayake and his deputy was Coggins, and both used to have a shot and come to office in the afternoons. And now I remember the one who goes fishing after work to the jetty was Pillai or Pullai, a ruffian looking kind of guy. Jauffer, Upali, Boyogoda, Elmo, Paths and others joined the Wharf after the Ratnayake and company left. When Joe Roach took over the Wharf Dept and with Elmo, Jauffer and Boyogada coming in as the others left, that was a great time too, good times of a different kind, with Elmo and Boyagoda interested in dancing and others joining in too. I think James, Roy, Hector and others were working in the factory, together with Buultjens & Co. And Malcolm Andree, he was a big hit with all the girls, as he was accepted as kind of feminine, going in and out of their dressing rooms too. They felt quite safe with him, as I came to know only later that he was an Aney, Aney kind of guy as you say. Yeay, I remember going to the netball matches, with Nalinee, Rukmanee, Kanthi, Fareeda and others playing too. And we had a good TT Team too. Well those times were just great.



Hello All,

Speaking of Ooty, the guy from India who works with me now is from Ooty. He passed on some wildlife pictures sometime back which I remember passing on. The file was quite big and some might have had a time opening it. This wildlife reserve is in Ooty. So Roy is back. I thought you had invaded the Israel army looking for the conscripts. Speaking of Satkunasigham, Sathkulaingham, I get mixed up in the names. Satkuna was the guy in the pictures @ Elmo's do. Sathkula was the darker one who always looked red in the eye if I am right. Correct me Eric. I am growing old. Who was our Hockey goalie. JamesI agree as Elmo states Ooty is the Nuwara Elya of India having spent a short holiday many moons ago. I can still recall our crew of 4, in our twenties sleeping it out in Ooty for 12 hours thanks to the cosy weather!! We had Satkunasingham & Satturululasinghe - each had his distinct identity for better or worse!! The former was attached to Invoice whilst the latter (always RED) was into audit and was fond of smoking a cigar as dark as himself. James, re the hockey man between the posts it was S. Kanagalingam - what a great sport, a daring goalkeeper and ever ready to join the team for the customary drink after a hockey match. I wish we could meet up with Kanaks (for short) and K. Sivalogam (CMU stalwart) for old times sake.

PS: On the subject of hockey we were forced by XL De Mel to have 'one for the road' at his Gintupitiya hideout when we went over to drop him. It was dimly lit and all the players had to use the same damn glass to have a standing shot - still we survived!!?? Those were the days! Sathu seen above worked with me in the Wharf Dept. - a man deeply immersed in Astrology. He observed the Constellations and read the Palms of the Big and the Small. I have often found him to be in a state of trance , staring into outer space as if lifted up in the spirit. One day Seebert (Our Head Peon) walked into the Wharf Dept while Sathu was in this deep coma like state and brought him down to earth wih a rude. "Chairman wants to see you". It took a while for Sathu to pick himself up but managed to swagger into SK's Office. Being new to CIC I didn't know what the hell was going on. After about 10 minutes Sathu was walking back to his seat - with a somewhat victorious smile on his face and sat down quietly. He turned towards me and said, "I have been promoted, Chairman wants me to take up a new post in the Stores from next week". Sathu continued, " I expected this - I knew something good was round the corner, that I am sure about because SATURN IS TURNING ".The following day Seebert came into the Wahrf Dept again and in his usual abrupt way told Sathu, "Chairman wants to see you. Sathu went quietly to discuss the Hand Over , Take Over arrangements presumably with the Chairman. This time Sathu came back rather quick and with a sullen look on his face as if something terrible had happened. Sathu then revealed to me the sad news. "Chairman told me he made a mistake , in fact he had got himself confused between me and Sathurukulasingham, and the promotion was not for me but for Sathurukulasingham". The prediction of his own fate seemed to have take a nose dive. My question is , " Did Saturn Turn or did it make a U -Turn?".

Evergreens - It's Your Turn!



Hello Paths, That was a great contribution re Satkunasingham - I remember it all now. He was a quiet guy but at times went verbally beserk!! So his penchant for the 'stars' let him down!! Poor chap what a disappointment to be mistaken for Satturukulasingham. I believe he must have migrated too. Thanks once again.



Hi Ragu and Eric, Thanks for all those stories from the past which "feel" so present. I am sure Web Master Elmo will add these stories onto his living pages of the CIC Website. Raju rang me a few days back . He seems OK but not quite. Ragu, I noted your interesting comments about me and Marilyn!! - thanks and Eric for your talent in summing up our stories in a succinct style.

Hi Paths, Many thanks for your nice comments. It appears that Ragu had a 'bulls eye' to observe persons and happenings at CIC not letting anything slip by!!I now recall Paths you too were a member of our TT team that annexed the C Div. Mercantile inter-firm tourney-sorry for my 'sin of omission'. Another story re Francis Fernando (to those who remember him). Well Francis & I lived in Mutwal and worked in the Accounts Dept. This chap was in love with a cousin of mine also living in Mutwal. In an effort to break up this affair the 'ole man' packed off his daughter to Jaffna to spend time with her uncle & family. Poor Francis had to come up with a plan - he joined Sam Jacob on his tour of Jaffna as a Pharmaceutical Rep. During this time Francis's father died and the family did not know the whereabouts of Francis who was meeting his lover 'in secret' far far away from home. Since only I knew the trip to Jaffna I was able to track down Francis, inform him of the sad news and the poor fellow did a dash to Colombo just in time to be with his family. However, eventually Francis did marry the girl of his choice sans the blessings of the bride's parents. He is in Ottawa and retired after a long innings with Revenue Canada. Elmo over to you-perhaps you too may remember Francis. who left SL in the 70's and worked for ICI Germany and then crossed over to Canada.



Good one Eric. Thanks for the update on our Table - Tennis Team. Raju, Upali, Rohan Perera, Hector and I played TT religiously everyday after work and usually ended the day with a Beer session at Baillie Street.


Thanks for the memories Eric. I too remember Francis, Sam, Walter, You and Sinkai the glamour boys of the pharma dept. Later joined by Kingsley and then Jayantha. Glad to know Francis is in Ottawa. Maybe the next time you are in T.O. we should invite Francis over as well.



Hi Evergreens and Paths! You have a great picture of Satcunasingham, with what "Saturn" turning too. He was one of those "the man from Jaffna guy" carrying his umbrella, always. He was kind of superstitious and had some kind of a superiority complex too. He moved around as if he was the boss right, must have been forever waiting for his Saturn to turn towards Mars 10th house, for his luck to change, and become an executive at CIC. He must have retired now I believe. And Satrukulasingham, the guy who never talked, when he was in internal audit, had quite a change over, too. The man who said that he will never marry had turned out to be a big talker and married eventually, to everyone's surprise. I visited CIC one day, after joining CARE I believe, and I could see the changes in him. And you were the crafty one too, up to mischief, ??? ..quietly, quietly ??.yarukkum sollathey matchan. ??? Marylyn, are you there!!!! Ha! Ha!



Hello Paths, Tks. for the nice words. Hi Evergreens I think the week has been a pretty good one with so many contributions coming in, Lets keep the momentum going as far as possible. Another little one from our CIC days. Some of you may remember R (Ramasamy) Sabaratnam who worked for the Plastics Dept. Well Saba as we called him opened bowling for us in the match against Cargills at the Galle Face grounds. He had brought his fiancee and Saba was determined to 'impress' her. This lanky bowler started off with a hat-trick-would u believe this -all 3 balls were full tosses! Saba felt like a hero and his fiancee was all smiles. On the darker side Saba's life was derailed later on and his fondness for Lord Bachchus was his downfall.




The CIC Dances were just great every year and the cabarets were scintillating. If you wish I could invite Bosco & Denzil for our suggested get together; they are still as good as they were in the 60's. (Eric)

I remember those CIC Dances in the 60s with cabarets by Farina Lye, Laila and Lamia and our very own Doreen Stewart. I still remember the song she sang; "Honey" Bosco too was a very good singer. I used to go watch him sing with Denzil at the Atlanta night club down Colpetty. (Ana)

And have you guys forgotten that I "supplied" the partners for many of you at CIC dances? I remember one at Taprobane when we had booked two tables & I had promised to bring along about 150 girls for you guys. On the night of the dance, at the last moment, my old man who had just retired from CIC, decided he'd come along too! He didn't say anything at all but watched in wonder as I kept stopping at various houses in Maharagama to pick up your girls. I crammed them into our Ford Consul & when we came into the hotel, he plunked down at the head of the table and we ended with all the boys on one table & the girls on the other. Later on, it got sorted out but boy, it was pretty tense for a while!

And speaking of Laila & Lamia, I remember once Jauffer slipping down the seat and under the table at one dance. As this was quite normal, we went back to our dancing and when the cabaret started, the boys sat on the floor and the girls on chairs. Suddenly, one of "my" girls, Tracey, gave a scream. And there was Jauffer, crawling out from under the table between her legs, his glasses all over the place!

And at another CIC dance at Taprobane, when it ended around 5.30 am, he came out of the hall before us & I found him near a flower pot in the hotel lobby, staring towards the harbour building. I said what are you looking at & he said shh?.he was pissing into the flower pot while all the revelers were passing him by!

Then Kingsley Anthonisz, at a CIC dance at Ceylinco, walking out to the lift with an ENTIRE silver coffee set inside his jacket, with the coffee still dripping away! (Elmo)

I very well remember the first CIC dance I attended. That was the one at Taprobane. Yes, you brought the girls for that, and I had the privilege to partner your beautiful sister (before she married of course). I still have the souvenir put out for the occasion. The cover had a big CIC emblem with a trumpet. (Ana)


On the subject of the Boy Scouts H'qrs I recall peon Premadasa carrying a huge stone(in his drunken stupor!!) aiming to smash poor Terrence Fdo.I think with that we decided to 'abandon' the Sports Club party.

My thoughts also take wing to the days when the CIC cricketers and supporters long after the match was over making it to Regal in Kotahena for the' one for the road'-there was Terrence using a Peter May bat to play down the ball (in this case a aerated water stopper) on the tarred road!! (Eric)

Ah, the Boy Scout days! How well I remember the Premadasa stunt that Eric spoke about. Premadasa later worked as my "right hand" at the Nitrocellulose Plant at Ratmalana. He looked a thug but he was such a baby, especially after a couple of Kas. Poor bugger was hit and killed by a car many years ago, weaving home after, what else, a booze up at the local den. (Elmo)

Elmo/Eric, do you remember Kingsley Anthonisz who migrated to Australia as well. I remember him well because we both joined the CIC hockey team together. (James)

Yes, I met him at a dance in Melbourne many years ago and I eagerly started talking about "the good old days". But he seemed totally unenthusiastic. It was almost as if it was a part of his life he wanted to erase, which was quite sad, I thought. (Elmo)


Jayantha Ranasinghe I cannot forget, driving around in his old Skoda, (If I remember right) which some or other managed to him from point A to point B. Hope he is doing well. I shall write to him too. (Ragu)

Jayantha Ranasinghe seems to be heading the list for driving around so many of us to various places - he is truly a worthy Trinity Lion. (Eric)

How can I forget Jayantha's Skoda? I'm sure all of you guys were there when we had a CIC soft-ball tournament at Wesley College grounds at Borella. In our drunken fit, I think it was Jauffer & I who got on its roof and did a baila & the middle of the roof bent. "No problem" Jayantha said, went inside & thumped the roof from the inside & it came back into shape again! (Elmo)

Elmo, talking about Jayantha's Skoda, can you remember Jayantha taking us to Maharagama in the early hours of the morning after a Friday night dance. The car was packed with so many of us. He was one drunk driver, driving and weaving on the road all the way to Maharagama and telling us ... "Not to worry machan, I'll take you home. That day I thought that I was going to be a dead duck. The bugger passed off after he arrived in Maharagama, and did not even recollect as to how he arrived there. In replying to my question, the next day, I remember Jayantha telling me "Matchan, I drove straight, I can very well remember" foot. (Ragu)

Jayantha's Skoda can never be forgotten-there were 9 of us who travelled to Ratnapura for Noel Senananayke's home coming in that vehicle. On our return at 1 AM during the time the curfew was on the car had to halt at the military check point. There were ladies 'sandwiched' between the men and getting out was not the best thing. Jayantha was great in taking us all to Colombo in safety in the wee hours. (Eric)


I thought Selvaranee Thomas was Sam Jacob's niece and used to work for Chartered. I recollect her, and a friend walking self consciously in front of Nectar cafe. I think it was you and I Elmo, we were staring them both down that they were so unconscious of the snake charmer in their path until they almost stepped on the snake that was slithering on the ground. They lost it all (their poise) and so did the snake charmer. (Ragu)

Can't remember the Nectar Cafe incident but I hope the snake was not too traumatized! Boya & I used to have a cup of tea there every morning before office, mainly because we wanted to chat up the girls. (Elmo)


And remember the CIC lunch time walks looking at "the view" down under whilst going around Cargill's, when even the girls joined us sometimes. There was this "cranky homo guy" hovering around Cargills, and one day somebody said, (I don't know whether it was Jauffer who said it) that Ananda was also a homo. I remember the cranky guy's face lighting up, jumping and briskly walking towards Ananda "for a good homo flirt", and Ananda just ran from there. (Ragu)

Nimmi must be still running around Galle Face or hanging around the Vihara Mahadevi Park for 'companionship'. (Eric)


As for Mr Arumainayagam, I wonder whether he's "still negotiating bulls on the C'bo Anuradhapura Road?" This is what he wrote on his insurance claim when asked to explain how his car ended up in a ditch. I can still recall he wrote, "While negotiating a bend, a bull jumped across the road. While negotiating the bull, the car went out of control." (Elmo)


BTW does anyone have pictures of the CIC Girls? (Ana)

And talking of all the talent in CIC, how come you guys failed to mention Minoli Goonewardene & Carina de Lima, our stunning Receptionists? I wrote to Ana sometime ago about the kidney problems all of us had at Chartered Bank which necessitated frequent visits past them on our way to the toilets? (Elmo)

Elmo, you haven't said anything about Antoinette Karunaratna who was Edwards Secy. I thought she too is in Australia. From Chartered days I remember Kanthi, Shirley, Marie, Rukmani, Sheila (always happy Jayewardene), Fareeda, Antoinette Karunaratne and SK's secy the tall lady who was the first to emigrate down under. Was it Moira Casperz? Then @ Hemas we got Corrina, late Majella (whose hubby Bala,- Eric, Roy and I met recently), Sandra Adams ? Emigrated to Aussie land as well, late Anoma Ranasinghe (Duleeps sis- maybe the reason Mano A is avoiding us to avoid domestic problems). (James)

Dilruskshi Dedigama who was co-opted to the CIC Netball team (she worked at another office in Hemas Bldg) by one and only Ivor the Sports Club Sec. Ivor and I was there for all the Netball games at the Stadium-those were the days! (Eric)

Elmo if you are in contact with Savitri P she can join in. If she could handle Mano S @ Ratmalana she could handle Ragu's tirades. (James)

Sorry Guys, I sent one earlier with my itchy fingers before I realized I hadn't added my two cents. Thanks Elmo for the identification parade of ex-CIC.ers. I knew Donald well because we were in the CIC basketball team together. I too thought young Satku had passed on (somewhere in Wellawatte- where Dilky & I used to always bump into him). After you named them I reminisced on the old times, and people I totally lost touch with. Noel, Lalith, Jayantha, Nalini, Anoma (her hubby Mahen worked with me in Saudi).

Yes, Ana - Kukula (still), Mallika used to play Badminton and that's how you had the pleasure of seeing her. I will try to enroll her since Eric says she was interested.

We met in Colombo @ St Mary's. She complained to Dilky "He doesn't remember me"; she was in HFC and knew Dilky as well. Her daughter sings @ St Mary's. I can pass on my e-mail and get her on board.

I will try to get Hector @ CIC on Monday (if he has not retired- he was threatening to, in dec.) Elmo; you definitely look the same (a little wiser) and "the one you must obey" still looks the same Knockout, I remember, who swept you off your feet. Joe; great to see you too are on board. Its been a long time. Now I don't have to inquire from Joe W or Francis after you. (James)


I am not sure if any of you guys joined us on our trip to Jaffna to attend Gnanadurai's wedding. We did the trip in Joe Perera's old Opel Reckard. I remember on the way, we all had to relieve ourselves and Upali sat on one of the fallen tree trunks and put a bog into the river below. I remember Hector, Rohan Perera and some others from the wharf dept were on the trip. We stayed at Sinkainathan's house. (Ana)

By the way Richie Gnanadurai's son is an accomplished pianist and was recently featured in a Concert in Colombo. (Eric)


Remember Rohan, who lost his front teeth riding on a scooter. And Lalith Ranasinghe (Kalu Albert) who had his Vespa as an ornament in the living room? (Ana)

I'm quite definite it was a Lambretta 150 cc. and he even had a cover for it! (Elmo)

The name of Kalu Albert only now rings a bell. Lalith R was with me at Chemanex for about two years and he reverted back to CIC. Lalith looks the same as he was in 1980's, even with his "catarrh trouble", remember. He was always having a wet handkerchief. His secret for looking young is for everyone to have Catarrh I suppose. I looked him up in 2002, at CIC wharf dept. at YMBA. (Ragu)

James, do you remember the accident we had on Galle Road. I am sure you were in the pillion with me on my scooter going home from work from the Ratmalana Factory. A jeep came and hit us from behind. (Ana)

After the 10.30 pm shift at Ratmalana, Mano Setunge, myself & Tony Solomon (remember him, the CMU rep who was tragically killed along with his wife when his scooter crashed into another vehicle) used to ride our scooters home on the Moratuwa Kottawa Road. We had to come down this very steep hill at Katubedde, make a sharp turn left and go over a bridge where people used to jump off at regular intervals. It was never lit and we had only our puny little headlights. Mano used to be shit scared of this bridge, thinking of the ghosts of these suicides and he told me once that he used to open the throttle, close his eyes and rush across the bridge.

Which brings me to Boya's scooter. Whenever he was broke, both of us would ride it and at lonely spots, Boya would speed on the damn thing and then jump off, allowing the bike to topple and hit the nearest culvert. He'll do this several times until he was satisfied that he had done enough damage for a decent insurance claim!

The other member of our scooter club of course was Rufus Buultjens. Remember him. Went off to the Middle East and made tons of money. I believe he and his wife Patricia now run a lucrative clothing business. During the JVP uprising in 1971, Rufus would give us a running commentary on the violence every day when he came into work. Most of the stuff was just gossip and we used to hack him a lot. One day, when we really hacked him, he got so upset he blurted out "You buggers don't believe me but my father in law saw it with MY own eyes! (Elmo)

What news of Rufus Bultjens. I remember Mano S and Bertie always complaining that his poultry run had one legged birds. Every time he undertook to make chicken fry for a drink session, if he promised to cook 4 birds, they only found four legs. (James)

Yes Ana I remember the accident on Galle Rd. somewhere in Ratmalana. Thank god we are still alive to remember it. In today's speeds on Galle Rd, one would hardly survive. (James)


How can we forget Ivan Perera! We used to call him "Easy Perera". If Eric can remember, we were playing a cricket match (Mercantile) on Darley Road and all our batsman were failing. You said to Ivan who was going into bat, play safe and hold your end. Ivan waved his hand and said, easy..easy and came back to pavilion first ball out. That is how we gave him that name. He was a good guy, once on a visit to SL he took me for drinks at the boat club opposite Lake House. (Ana)

Ana, I well remember Ivan being clean bowled with the first delivery he faced despite my advice!! Poor chap was a bit too hasty. Your memory is very vivid about the match which is great. I also recall poor Paul Fdo our goal-keeper in the hockey match played against Ananda at Campbell Place-he suffered in pain for 2 weeks after receiving a hard shot from Sonny Yatawara - remember how Sonny bowled Garfield Sobers with a beauty. (Eric)

On a lighter note, I wonder if Elmo, and Roy recollect the softball tournaments and the strong factory teams. We ended sending A & B teams. The then chairs either Tilak or Norman said we, the factory takes the game too seriously, and so all of us hid behind the terrace at SSC before we came on the field. Elmo and Leonard Ranasinghe provided their lady folks dresses and all of us dressed in drags and took to the field. Just to prove we don't take it that seriously (other than Arumai of course with his Cowdrey stroke play). Of course Eric, Ragu were then there playing for H.O. Ana may have left by then. (James)

James your forays into the cricket matches of yesteryears does evoke memories-the fun part of them all and the Factory teams being out in the field to battle the HO chaps - for better or worse we booze!! (Eric)

I borrowed that mini-skirt & white stockings from my soon to be wife. And I remember her looking very strangely at me when I asked her for them! (Elmo)


I always did have my doubts about Roy Nevins Selvadurai's penchant for various crevices. I remember even in the CIC days, he would go to the SLTA regularly on the pretext of "playing." And this at a time when the ladies' shorts were a lot longer and the blouses were all encompassing. Not a sign of jiggly bits anywhere! Even the grunting of Sharapova must do things for him! (How're you, Roy, keep up the good work! I know you will always be grateful to CIC for leading you down this path!) (Elmo)


Norman Chandraratne, Para Wimalaratne, Joe Perera, Premasiri Boyagoda, Marie Fernando, Shirley Gunasekera, Majella Paiva, D C Piyasena, M D Leelasena, I T P Saturukulasinghe, Ian Outscoorn, S Theobold Alles, P Poopalasingham, J Ignatius Fernando, Anoma Ranasinghe, Tony Solomons, Kingsley Fernando, Rohan Alwis, Lakshman Silva (Labi), George Fernando

Also Tyronne Candappa and Alfred Maama (both of Chartered Bank)

Really sad to know that some of our friends had passed away. Boyagoda, Joe Perera and now Elmo de Silva. I was able to meet Elmo in 2002 and had a drink with the crowd, at Hotel Nippon, with Upali, Jayasuriya and others. (Ragu)

I think Anoma's death was the first time we had come face to face with death of someone close to us. She would have been about 22 when she died, if I remember right. (Elmo)


by Eric Motha

I first came to be acquainted with STA (Theobald) Alles in 1957 when I entered the portals of ICI at Harrisons & Crosfield Building in Fort. I remember Theobald was attached to the Invoice Department and was a good employee. The staff was in a sense 'tailor made', a tribute to effective Management a sine quo non with ICI the Industrial Giant of the times.

Theobald was a member of our Cricket team and was a fairly good bat and useful slow bowler. Theo as we called him was a social bird and loved entertainment and was in full cry at our Dances. He married Blanche Shockman from Dehiwela and they were a happy couple who never missed the social functions.

In course of time Theo was promoted as Sales Rep. for Alkathene Pipe & Paints-his terrain was the North and he performed well there. I was told by another colleague how Theo and the Proprietor of Puwaneswary Hardware Stores in Jaffna became a close twosome enjoying a few good 'drinking sessions' after working hours.

Theo served ICI/CIC for a few decades and left his imprint in no uncertain terms. Theobald and Blance lived at Waidya Road in Dehiwela where we were welcome guests when the occasion arose. To those of us who knew Theobald, we can honestly state he was a 'jolly good fellow' in sunshine or rain.

OBITUARY - JOHN ARATCHI Dear friends, Mr. MJ (John) Aratchi passed away on Friday May 18 at 3.00am in California after a long battle with illness. Let us all join in spirit praying for his happy repose and also remember his wife Patricia and family in our prayers at this time of persoanl grief. (Eric)

Thanks Eric, When I joined CIC, then at the Chartered Bank in '67, I worked in the Industrial Chemicals Department. John was the head of the department, and Lalith Siritunga was his assistant. I think about a year later he emigrated to the states. Seevaratnam too followed. After which OMRS and Lalith headed their two departments. I had moved to Pharmaceuticals and then a lot of us went on to Ratmalana. John was a good man, and as observed by someone at the Dance in his white dinner jacket, very stately. May his soul rest in peace. James

James, Thanks for the brief journey down memory lane to our days at the Chartered Bank Building and the personalities you have mentioned. John Aratchi as you rightly state emigrated to USA possibly in the late 60's. Your little tribute to John the Gentleman is praiseworthy-he was an impressive personality but always suave and calm. To those who may not know John & his wife Patricia Leon from Kotahena were teachers at St.Mary's College/Sacred Heart Convent - Chilaw, before he joined ICI. I am informed that the funeral is scheduled for Saturday May 26 - you may see more details in the Sri Lankan newspapers this week. For the record the home address: Mrs. Pat Aratchi 3586 Hillview Drive Riverside CA 92503 Tele: 951-734-1987

Eric M

PS: Received an email from Joe Roche holidaying in Sydney lamenting that our dear friends of yesteryears are making their exit from this world. Joe was in touch with John Aratchi. Trust the sad news is conveyed to Mr. S K Wickremesinghe. We are receiving a lot of sad news these days, about our colleagues and friends' deaths. John Arachi as I knew him was a quiet man, going about doing his work, and was never a nuisance to anyone. May he rest in peace. I never knew that John Arachi was in California. So many of us are scattered all over the world now and we do not come to know where they are until it is too late, unfortunately. Ragu

Hi Ananda,Thanks for your email Who is John Aratchi (MJ)? He wasn't there when we joined and neither was Arichandran. Sorry I was silent for a few weeks as I started working on a foreign project from the 3rd and was kept busy and didn't have much time to sit down at the computer. Kumar too went back to work from the 3rd. I work on short term foreign projects from time to time and this is the first time I am going to work after my operation. Kumar still has some pain and discomfort but slowly getting back to normal life. Mallika

Thanks for your email. Yes, as Eric had mentioned, you may not have been at CIC when John Arachi and Arichandran were there. Arichandran was the Accountant when I joined CIC. In fact he was the one who interviewed me. Mallika, I did reply to your email. Not sure what happened. As I mentioned in that, you cannot edit our website. Elmo is the web master and please send your items to him and he will post them. I am glad that you are actively participating in in our group. Ananda.


A wonderful tribute to Norman or NDC as we knew him.He was a man with courage and vision who pursued his dreams as Ranee M rightly alludes. I had the privilege of being in NDC's epoch making team when CIC Paints was launched in SL - the rest is history. The others in the team ably led by Norman were Ian Outschoorn, Parakarama Wimalaratne, Geo. Fernando and D C Piyasena. I believe Norman proved his forte at work, at the Billiards table and finally at the Golf Club. May the turf he trod with finesse lie lightly over him. Eric

One year has passed by since the demise of Norman Chandraratne, the founder of N. Chandraratne Decorators. He will never be forgotten for his simplicity and pleasing ways. Treating all living beings with loving kindness, Norman Chandraratne made an impact with his serene disposition and his soft spoken words. Yet despite his calm exterior, Chandraratne was the achiever that we will always admire. "I have been a fellow who was a dreamer. But in life I have realised that it is good to dream so long as you have a foundation," he once told this journalist. Looking back at his achievements, it is plain to see that Norman Chandraratne was more than a dreamer. He was a man who pursued his dreams and made them come true. He began his business with a cabinet with two drawers. It all started in his bedroom. He was his own driver, peon and managing director. We can admire Norman Chandraratne's great success in life for the way he began, for the way he pursued his dream, honestly and in all earnestness. Later on in life Chandraratne reached great heights with his business - N. Chandraratne Decorators - becoming a 'household' name in great places as the Hilton Hotel and the Bandaranaike International Airport. Chandraratne's honest efforts bore fruit and he enjoyed a happy life. An excellent golf player, he was admired and loved by all those who knew him.

Norman Chandraratne helped color life and living around us. He strove to make everyone's life colorful. He is comparable to a rose, which brought not only color but also a fragrance to our lives. Marking his first anniversary is a painful memory. For Norman Chandraratne seems to live among us, in the many colors we see. He is truly a bouquet that life gave us, only to be snatched away without warning, but the fragrance, with his words and deeds will always live on. May he attain Nibbana

Ranee Mohamed


IN MEMORIAM - Mr K Ganeshan

Mr. K.Ganesan served CIC and CHEMANEX at the Director/Managing Director/General Manager portfolios with distinction and excellence. The string of titles accompanying his name were a tribute to his academic achievements and educational accomplishments specially in the Engineering field. Mr. Ganesan left an indelible mark at the CIC Factory(Ratmalana) with his knowledge and finesse in performing his responsible task in a very efficient manner.

I remember him when he assumed duties as GM Chemanex in Kollupitiya.The Company was in safe hands with his guidance and expertise in keeping abreast with other reputed Firms in the Mercantile sector. In particular I recall his initial duty each morning in scrutinizing the Sales Turnover book and planning the Company's sales strategy with meticulous care.

On a personal note the late Mr.Ganesan always met life's happenings with a suave calm and never appeared ruffled. He was a popular figure in the social milieu around him and a well respected personality both in the Profession he adorned with distinction and society in general.

Mr. Ganesan's sudden demise left a void in the hierarchy of the CIC Group of Companies.


Mr. C.S. (Chris) De Saram joined CIC as a Director after a stint with Shell where he was reported to have made a significant contribution. Mr De Saram was an alumnus of Oxford University where he was awarded colors for Boxing. I was most interested when I was informed that Messrs. De Saram and K.Ganesan opened the innings for Royal College First Eleven - a great duo academically and in the realm of sports.

Chris De Saram was an integral part of CIC being the overall Boss for Paints, Rubber Chemiacls & Plastics, Alkathene Pipe and Dyes. He was meticulous in his work ethics and led by example.He was a genial personality, friendly, knowledgeable and strict disciplinarian despite his burly exterior. De Saram was a well respected personality in the Mercantile sector and could be termed as a workaholic traversing to the years when most of us came under his purview and thereafter. Ironically, he collapsed when making arrangements for a Trade Exhibition at the BMICH - it was a sad finale to the multi-faceted person that De Saram epitomized.


NORMAN CHANDRARATNE had a long stint with ICI/CIC/CHEMANEX extending several decades from the early 50's.Norman was associated with the Paints Dept. for a long time initially, deputy to W.H.Newman. He was excellent in successfully marketing the range of ICI Paints originally imported from ICI UK. In 1964 CIC Paints was launched in SL with Norman Chandraratne heading the team and making the Firm the market leader for a long spell.On retiring Norman ventured on his own setting up N.D.Chandraratne Decorators who exclusively used the range of CIC Decoratives for their projects showcasing CIC in the metropolis and suburbs.

Norman lost the sight in one of his eyes whilst keeping wickets for the ICI Cricket team which included Aubrey Ebert a fine cricketer from Wesley College and brother of Lorenz. However NDC (initials we were familiar with) was never daunted by this setback and proceeded to make his mark at ICI/CIC/CNX with consummate ease.

Norman was often referred to as 'The Mr.Paint of Sri Lanka' in acknowledgment of his finesse and marketing skills in a competitive arena. Norman was always a very sociable personality and a lover of Billiards playing at the SSC and enjoying it all the way. In later years he switched on to Golf being a popular figure at the Royal Colombo Golf Club winning trophies in the veterans group..It was ironic that Norman collapsed on the golf course and made a sad exit from this world which he enriched. As one of his buddies at RCGC wrote in his appreciation(quote) " May the turf which Norman loved so much lie lightly over him"


After talking to Hector and a concern he did point out was the plight of one of our strong CMU brethren - Mano Setunga. Ana you did point out we should find ways to help them. I used to bump into Mano when he moved on to work with Tilak and then Nandasena. He used to never look too good but the typical Mano he refused to even go for a drink. Hector says he has moved to Tissamaharama. I know Lal de Alwis is into housing for displaced people, I am sure we may all be able to chip in and get Mano involved in some project. He is the one person coming to mind, who could do with some help. Let's think about it. (James)

Just a note about Setunga, Ranjith told me that he lives close to his house in Nugegoda, and that he is not recognizable if you see him now. Looking very old and thin, with teeth missing. Just a skeleton. So we should try to see him on our intended to re-union. (Ana)

Yes your concern for Mano S (we used to tag him 'gold top') on the cricket field since his boots had a gilded top, is very understandable. I cannot imagine poor Mano in this plight. (Eric)

I met Mano about two three years ago at a booze-up Hector organised with a gang we used to hang out after work in Piliyandala. You are right, he had really come down in the world and was just skin and bones. I think it's a great idea Ana to search out our less fortunate brethren (and sisters) in SL and see how we can help. Getting Lal de Alwis involved is a great idea.

Mano was married to a very nice girl from Matara, Malini but she died a few years after their marriage. No children.

As for Lalith, I'm sure one of us can easily send him a year's supply of toilet tissue for his catarrh without any trouble!

Thalitha also gave me Heather Galwey's e-mail. They worked together at the UN after she left CIC. As you may know, she's going through a pretty bad time herself, losing both her parents and being diagnosed with cancer. I went and saw her early this year & offered to put her up here if she ever decided to take a break. I think she's ok financially but it'll be good to make her laugh & feel among friends, I think.

Ragu, if you talk to Viswa, can you please ask him about Mr Lorensz & his whereabouts? And also about Sivalogam. Hector should know about Satcunam, Ritchie Gnandurai, We've really got to find out what's happening with those guys & try to help if we can. (Elmo)

I still remember the good old days at the factory. I remember Mr. Lorensz I guess life has to go on. I was not able to make out anybody from the pictures even you. I feel like Rip Van Winkle lost somewhere in the wilderness. When I read the all mails it takes me back to the old times. (Roy)


Mano Abraham, James Alagaratnam, Valentine Balasingham, Pootharan Fernando, A.Ragunathan, Roy Selvadurai and 'yours truly' met at the residence of Mano & Selvi in Scarborough on Sunday (August 06) evening.

We spent the fleeting hours in the spirit and camaraderie of those unforgettable yester years.It was a journey down memory lane reminiscing of the good times we had sans any concerns. We talked of the colleagues and their (plus or minus??!!) points all in a spirit of joviality. On my suggestion the CIC 'old boys' agreed to be in touch with their erstwhile colleagues around the globe. I hope we can all adhere to our good intentions for 'old time’s sake'.

I met Antoinette Karunaratne (now Harvie) at Kanthi Jayasekera's home in Melbourne where I was invited for dinner. Incidentally Kanthi is married to Percy Wijenaike former SSP in Galle - we had a few rounds of 'Black Label'-met one of the twin daughters of Kanthi who I think is married to Cornel Perera's son and lives in SL. (Eric)

Elmo, I have been a good 'elder brother' to dear Isitha in Sydney - after scrolling down yr. mail I am wondering about what she is hinting at. I must telephone her tonight and whisper' sweet nothings' - it was gracious of her(like you in Melbourne Elmo) to get me from where I was staying somewhere near Blacktown and entertain me to lunch at her home - Randy had taken a day off and it was nice spending time with them and children. I still recall Isitha & Randy coming all the way to Kotahena and finding me in College playing Table Tennis to wish adieu before they migrated ‘down under'. (Eric)

Elmo, you have taken me down memory lane to Jaffna where I have enjoyed some of the best days in my work life marketing CIC Paints & Alakthene Pipe - yes Subhas Hotel is where I too always stayed. (Eric)

Talking of Skodas, can you remember Ian Outschoorn's Skoda, Eric? He told me once that the accepted wisdom was that a Skoda will overturn at 70 mph. So, on a sales tour to the North, Ian said he was ripping down the C'bo Puttalam road because he wanted to test this theory. Sure enough, he said, as he touched 70, the car went out of control & the next thing he knew he was lying upside down in a ditch! But, he said, nothing happened to the car. (Elmo)

Elmo, I well remember the era of the Skodas-it was the accepted norm for the Sales Reps to drive around in this type of hardy vehicle as amply demonstrated by my erstwhile colleague Ian Outschoorn. Later on when I joined the Reps team the Volkswagen was the norm-can one forget the Royalist Parakrama Wimalaratne and his exploits as a Paints Rep!! Our trip to Bombay for training at ICI in 1966 was unforgettable with Para being issued a stern warning by the Bombay Manager to behave himself or be packed off on the next Air Ceylon flight to Ratmalana. (Eric)

Eric if you can give more details of Rita's Hatton Tea house I could ask my brothers to patronize the place as they travel around there a lot. In Dec we too went up, but I believe she had not opened for business. (James)

James you look smart indeed even sans the crop of black hair!! We were all about 9 years younger when the pic of our Toronto get together was taken at the home of James & Dilki who entertained us to drinks and a sumptuous meal in typical Lankan style.

The last pic -was it at the Factory James? I identified a few - Mano, you, Berty, Melchi-the chap between you & Berty is familiar but cannot remember his name-well 1974 was a long time ago and my memory seems to have taken a back seat. Where was Elmo- a good question indeed. (Eric) t

ABOUT HAIR (no, no not the Cricket Umpire or the musical!)

This is the first time I am seeing Ananda's pictures after he left CIC. He looks pretty young, and his hair is very very black. He will not look old as long as his hair is black. Ha! Ha!, just like mine. Your granddaughter, is a cute little one.

Remember Elmo I told you that whenever Sri Lankan's migrate to North America, even the white hair gradually turns black. Ha! Ha! (Ragu)

All right then, I'll finally own up that its the air over there which keeps all of you looking young and your hair black! Unless of course, all of you are loading up with Botox every second week! It's not that the air here is bad but I think my hair turned white when I saw all the Aussie beauties in their skimpy bikinis sun-bathing! And however youthful you guys may look, come over here and you'll know what I mean. (Elmo)

May be you should think of continuing to look at the skimpy bikinis longer term and your white hair may turn partly black, I am sure, as happened to mine ha! Ha! If not Ananda should have the recipe. It should be better than mine because his is a natural black; that is in case you do not have the recipe in Australia. (Ragu)


I joined CIC in 1964 when Mr. Wayne was the last British Chairman. And after that SK took over. I joined Chemanex in 1974 and left in 1982 to join CARE. (Ragu)

I joined on 07 July 1966, one week after Boya. I was put to work under Mr Sabaratnam & Peter Fernando in the Admin Dept. The boss then was Mr Yogaratnam. I started off at the princely sum of Rs.208.71 per month while all you buggers started at Rs.228.46 because I was under 18 and had not passed the GCE (O) level.

Left in March 1983 & invested my EPF plus a bank loan of Rs.50,000 in buying a car from Tilak Karunaratne which he had bought from Mano Setunge who was sent the Peugeot 504 by his brother in England. I had grand visions of being a travel guide but the July '83 riots put paid to all that. (Elmo)

Even I am surprised that I brought my old picture album here to the US. I think it had a lot of memories. Those were the days when we were not digital. I used a little box camera to capture those pics, and what a bonanza now! And color was so expensive, I could not afford with Rs.99 basic salary. Can you imagine 99 rupees for an accts clerk?

I remember the day Arichandran interviewed me, I was so nervous as it was my first job. (Ana)

Traversing down 'memory lane' evokes the pleasant and carefree days we spent in our motherland. Life was just great in every aspect and all of us lived in perfect amity devoid of any divisions. The scenario now is so very different - maybe if our country had more 'statesmen' than 'politicians' the ground situation would have been different.

I am often reminded" what cannot be cured must be endured" (Eric)

The times at CIC can never be forgotten. We had such good times with so many nice people. It was really a family though we never realized it. The country was so peaceful then, I could walk home from Regal to Nugegoda without any fear. I am so happy being able to share the pictures I have, and amazed how I preserved them for so long. (Ananda)

Great Job Ananda. Really nice to see these pictures and remember the old crowd. Those were the times that we will always cherish. (Ragu)


Hi James, Thanks for providing us with Roy's e-mail; I guess we still do not have Mano Abraham 'on board' for now. Ranjit Ponnaperuma suffered a massive heart attack and made it to the Hospital in the nick of time. Ana informed us that Ranjit has since recovered and is getting about his usual business.

I do not remember if I mentioned about the demise of Francis D'Almeida's mother 10 days prior to her 90th birthday-Joe Roche is the eldest son-in-law. James I am happy that we now have a group who can be counted on to be 'on track'. Pls. do contact Hector H and keep us advised. (Eric)

Elmo, so at last we are in contact. I did hear you had been to Colombo ahead of me. Something like John b4 the Messiah. I did meet Hector & Jaye @ CIC, and Lal Alwis, Tennekoone and the big cheese (or did u say he cuts cheese) Vywil at Chemanex.

Basil works at some place near the Beira, or I don't remember if he said he works the Beira.

There is lot of money in that too I hear (age immaterial). He called me as I was getting ready to leave for the airport to return. Could not catch up with Bertie & Mano S. Hector did try to set up something, but it was Christmas and I guess most of them had their own plans. Will try again the next time.

I may go again in 2008. The time, not decided. I remember the last time we met in S.L. you gave Dilky and me a ride along Havelock Rd. I also happen to meet someone in Toronto who helps me to remember you. Actually he is now connected to me through my cousin marrying his nephew. S. B. Arumainayagam (remember) who negotiated a bull @ Wattala.

Just two pics of myself @ work. Not really, it was a potluck and blackjack afternoon.

The guys @ the C.I.C.get together did not bring their cameras, so no pics were taken. (James)

Ragu, do you remember how we went to Vevil de Kauwe to learn dancing on top of the Kreme House building in Colpetty? (Ana)

I now begin to remember Vevil de Kauwe. Kakula, Kakula was great times while it lasted, Ananda. (Ragu)

Three people from management I have met here were SK, Lal de Mel and Thilak Karunaratne. In fact Thilak visited us and we had dinner at my place. (Ana)

Ana, Roy and you will remember Savitri Piliwantalawa @ Ratmalana. She married a guy I knew and went to England. She was in SL a few days before I went there.

In case you noticed I finally made contact with Hector and got his right e-mail. We might have to keep our mails clean when we copy him @ CIC. It is (James)

Jayantha doesn't have e-mail as far as I know. He took me for a drive a couple of years ago on busy Galle Road. The buses, vans, lorries, cars & scooter cabs whizzed pass us but there was Jayantha, on the fast lane, doing 20 mph! Nearly twenty years on and nothing had changed! So I wouldn't hold my breath on his responding quickly or at all, guys. Chances are he'll go into an internet cafe, write out an e-mail and...........POST IT (Elmo)

Incidentally, the great news is that our Anto in New York has secured a job after 16 months in hibernation. I telephoned him and wished him well on our behalf - he will be working at the domestic airport in NY from October after training which starts on Monday with a Security organization. He had just returned after Mass and was happy and relieved. (Eric)

Ragu, Shayanie had a point in her remarks about the shirt you sported when we met at the home of James & Dilki - it must have been in real good fun. (Eric)


Great Pictures Ana, The one with the Ice Cubes reminds me of Paul Fernando. One morning @ Chartered he was carried in to work in his impeccable white tussore with a broken leg I think. The elephant house truck was unloading ice blocks to one of the chatham street restaurants when one slid and sailed on to Paul's leg and brought him to the ground. What a freak accident! (James)

Paul Fernando..........the punter! I meet him everytime I visit SL as he is Ranjith's Ps neighbor. Still the same, talking non-stop, and mad about cricket. Talking of the past, I hope you all remember Rohan Perera?

Rohan was a crazy guy those days but I hear that he is now a Cost & Mgmt Accountant! Those days, we used to go to Akasa Kade once a month to have drinks and Appa diet. I remember our group had Ranjith P, Rohan, Mannakkara, Nimal W, and a few others. There used to be a band playing and we used to dance after the drinks. One day while dancing baila in the dimmed lights, we see someone crawling under the tables. Guess what, Rohan had lost his dentures and looking for them on the floor under the tables and chairs! (Ana)

Rohan Perera was a good friend of mine. In fact he left CIC to join one of my friends audit firm (Both of us were planning together and I pulled out at the last moment - see what a dependable friend I am!!!)) Lost touch with him since leaving Sri Lanka. Mano A was mentioning the other day that he was involved with the infamous Perambuka saga. Where is Mannakara now? Lot of heads turned when we walked together given our respective sizes! (Pootharan)

Eric, you are right, Dissanayake left for England to follow accountancy and then I lost touch with him. I still remember Jayasuriya and myself going to the Ratmalana airport to see him off. He was going on his own will, and I don't remember seeing any of his family.

As Eric had said Roshan married Ranjith Perera who worked at Bartleets. I knew Ranjith. His uncle was Dr. P.R.Anthonis. (mother's brother). I did not know they are divorced now. Sunil Wijesinghe who is one of Mallory W sons, is married to someone who's parents live here, Wanigatungas. Sunil has branch of Bartleets here in San Francisco. (Ana)

Paul Fdo was a great punter running to us in the midst of work to draw the lucky winner!!! He looks good though-does he still carry that little curly hair on which he spent so much time keeping it in place in an effort to 'win over' the gals!!

Ana , I well remember Rohan P - some characters can never be forgotten. Do any of u recall Rohan Dissanayake? He was an accounts clerk and guess went over to UK many moons ago and must be a qualified Accountant now. (Eric)

Anyway, about Rohan Dissanayake, was his first name Rohan or something else. Was he the tall fair guy who used to work close to Leonard Ranasinghe at Chartered Bank Bldg? I knew him well because he was at Kingswood Kandy with me. Speaking of Dissa, I remember he, myself, and some others were strolling one day on the Breakwater, when we saw a Simca parked. From the top of the breakwater we could see what was going on in the car below. It was ??.. and her boyfriend making passionate love. I think he was working on a ship (Lanka Shanthi). All these come back when we talk about these characters. (Ana)

Ana, your description of Rohan is pretty accurate; he always sported a smile tall and good looking. I had a hunch that he made his way to UK to pursue his Accountancy exams. The trip to the breakwater- were you chaps trying to 'fish in troubled waters'?? I can visualise the passionate feelings that you would overwhelmed you to behold ??..i & Weinman in a tantalising embrace!!!

James it's good to know the chap was a brother of the famous Neuro Surgeon and Peterite, Dr. Darrel W now domiciled in Australia. If the Weinman (junior) was a millionaire in the 80's that's something to crow about.

Re Sengamalay, I did telephone him and K Arichandran some years ago - they are both in Washington DC. I recall Ari asking me about Roshan Sukhla who married a Perera who I guess was at Bartleets - not too certain. Ragu, how come Shayanie has to 'spot' her beloved in the pics all the time-all part of the fun!! (Eric)

Spoke to Kathleen Scharenguivel (the Big Cheese's former Secretary) and she said Roshan had visited her with Kanthi when she visited Melbourne sometime ago. I think Roshan is a Management Consultant in C'bo (or something similarly grand!) (Elmo)

Paul Fdo (the chap who comes running to you to with rolled paper stubs in his hand) asking us to pick the "winning horse"-a crazy punter!! (James)


I remember you too laughing away, with your face turning red when Austin Fernando shouts from Wharf Dept. upstairs and saying "Ragu, how the hole" when Farida was sitting right opposite myself. Austin Fernando then purposely looked under the table to see whether I am tickling Fareeda's kakula, and De Mel our accounts dept. boss starts peeping from his table to see whether it was true and whether I was up to tricks, with my kakula, under the table ... quite to my embarrassment. I know I sometimes remove my shoes. Anyway those were the days when we had some good fun. And after I went to CARE everything became "serious work" and I was missing all of you. I did not meet Austin when I was at CIC unfortunately. (Ragu)


Visva is somewhat okay but not feeble health wise - he is nearing 73 or 74 I guess in October. I too have been to his wife Jega's home in Jaffna many moons ago along with Joe. I wish we can meet up with Kanagalingam and Sivalogam two chaps who always were in 'the loop' and part of our team. I recall when we were on strike (CMU) having adjourned to Dominion Hotel in Fort for many hours of drinking with me having to escort Jauffer in a cab to Kotahena in the end. I was sad to read of the demise of Elmo De Silva - a very sincere chap all the way.

Ragu, the address of Visvanathan on file is: 157, 14 1/3 ST.JAMES STREET, MUTWAL. Tele: 2523155 Visva's 73 rd b'day is coming up on October 19. Joe Roche & I had dinner with Visva & Jega a few years down the road-it was a happy coincidence that Joe & I were there at the same time in SL. (Eric)

I remember Isitha and Lawrence now. Some of the names have slipped totally out of my mind. I did not know that Visvanathan was living in Colombo. I am feeling sorry that I missed him.

Eric do you have Visvanathan's home telephone number? May be I can call him. He was my boss for the Internal Audit dept. one time remember? (Ragu)

Ranjith said that Canagaratnam is also very sick. Actually I thought someone showed me a picture of Sengamalay in Vancouver with Eric.(James)

I am trying to remember the judges son, was it Lucky __ someone. We organized a dance @ BSH he had a group called Jetfires. I was supposed to be his soloist. I turned after my party and his his dance was over to sing Massachusets. He named his group after the Jetliners and Spitfires. I asked him why he didnt call his group "The Spitliners". After that I got no invite to sing with him. (James) That was Lakshman Silva or Labi - went on to become Chief Accountant at Hentley's in Ratmalana. Had a red Volks if I remember right. Died some years ago. Hector knows all the details (if we can get him to write, that is!). (Elmo)


Its great conversing with all of you. Seems like old times. The pictures, the names, the memories. Elmo do you recollect the late shifts we spent and thought of vodoo and how to apply it to poor ole papa Saram. Maybe thats what done him in. Discussing memoriam, I still cringe when I think of Tony Solomons and his wifes tragedy.

I was on the shift with him, he sent word for Bertie to take over and left me to look after the PVC plant as well. His bro had taken poison or something. I believe the bro got assaulted when he walked into the funeral. Hope Ana finds more pictures.

Roy just spoke to me. His mum who is in her eighties was knocked down by a young driver when crossing the road. Luckily the car knocked the walker she was using and his mum fell on the road. She is undergoing rehab for a fracture of the Pelvis. Roy's mum lives close to Roy. Roy's son passed out and hi subject is physio. So it is nice to have the grandson keeping an eye on grandmum. He told us not to worry but that this was the reason he has been silent. I promised him I'll keep all posted, and pray for her speedy recovery. (James)

Love the pictures James. Thanks for sharing. I am happy to hear of the wedding of Nimal's daughter. In fact I sent him an email last week, and is yet to get a reply. Now I know why. He is a partner in a law firm now, and the offices are at the prestigious Twin Towers. He is very active in politics and was Treasurer of UNP till recently. Last time I was in SL, Faleel hosted a dinner for us, Nimal, Ranjith, Anto and Satcunasinham. All the wives were there except of course Anta and Satcuna.

Speaking of Bruin, do you remember his how he says the dreaded word "Hu...." when you tickle his ribs? And then there was his buddy Hindle. Once the wharf dept was invited to a Ramazan party at one of the transport contractors. And I still remember how we all got knocked out drinking Sabji. We had to carry Mannakkara home and all of us had to sleep at Faleel's boarding down Trelawney Place in Bamba behind Lion House. I heard Pinto is also doing well after he broke up with Eraj Wijesinghe of Bartleets. Chandra Jayaratna is one of the leading pharma importers in Sri Lanka now. He drives a Mercedes E320.

Nice to see people who had their initiation at CIC doing well. Elmo, do you know where Kanthi is in Australia. We should try to get her on board too. Keep the emails rolling guys. Ana 29/10

Sorry Eric, I mixed up the names. Selvaranee Thomas was a beauty who used to work for Carson's when we were at Chartered Bank. I was referring to Marini. There are so many Moses' in the phone book, I'm not sure which is which. But I'll keep trying. Do you know her hubby's initials or their address? As for the others living in Aussie, I contacted; Kathleen Scharenguivel - says she doesn't have internet but will check the site at her son's place. Has met Antoinette K longtime ago but not sure of her address. Too many Harvies in the phone book too. But she did have Kanthi Jayasekera's address. I rang the place but apprently it's been rented out and the new occupants don't have a forwarding address.Rang the real estate agency but they said they don't give out information on owners. Wonder whether they're in SL considering one of her daughter's lives there. Will check when I get there in Dec.I spoke to Savithri Perera (Pilimatalawa) & she's going to get back to me after she checks out the site. Her hubby is apprently not too well. They've got one daughter. I also traced John Beebee. Lives with his daughter Sheryl - Ian's widow - & says he's a virtual recluse now. Doesn't have many contacts with ex-CICers but said he visited George Williams in Perth 4-5 years ago. John's 75 & doesn't have internet either.

Haven't contacted Moira Caspersz nor Kingsley Anothonisz.Here are the addresses of some of them if you want to drop them a card or something for X'mas. I'll definitely make an effort to go & see John & Kathleen during the holidays. They live on the posh side of Melbourne while I'm with the proletariat in the western suburbs. I can thank Bala Thampoe for that! My younger brother & two sisters live in those areas too and it's a real chore to visit each of them, sit down to the inevitable SL rice & curry (with a couple of scotches) and then having to drive back when all you want to do is take a nap!

1. Kathleen Scharenguivel - 37 Denver Crescent, Mulgrave, Victoria 3170 - Ph: (03) 9546 56542. John Beebee - 17 The Rise, Glen Waverley Victoria 3150 - Ph: (03) 9886 78503. Savi Perera - 11 Moresby Street, Oakleigh South, Victoria 3167 - Ph: (03) 9551 5263.

John had rung Thalitha over the weekend & provided George William's address, going back 4-5 year - & also said Chris Edwards is now the MD at his old stamping ground JL Morrison's. He's got an e-mail & I'll write to him there as well as to Heather Gallwey who still works with the UN in Cbo. I also rang Isitha & she said "But I don't know any of them no, aney! I came long after you guys!" But she said she paid a hurried visit to Mallika & Ayoma Jayawardene when she went to SL a few months ago.

Mallika apparently underwent major brain surgery recently & Isitha thinks she may be recovering still. But I haven't heard from any of the other guys I wrote to. Why am I not surprised? That's it guys, I've brightened up (to some extent) all the black & white pix Ana sent & I'll load them tonight.

Tomorrow Melbourne stops for one of the richest horse races in the world, the Melbourne Cup. Tens of thousands of silly buggers & gals on the make will flock to the race course dressed in all their finery, freeze their nuts off as it generally rains on the day, get pissed in style & lose millions of dollars. Ah, the decadent West, the end of the world is nigh, I reckon.

As for me, I'll potter around the garden but hang a bag of oats on my gate in case one of the horses loses his way & wants a feed.

Thalitha & Tanya have organized a hopper feed for about 30 relatives & friends on Saturday to mark my 60 years - which was on 24 Oct - so if any of you guys are passing this way.........................! (Elmo)

Hello Elmo,

Many Happy Returns on your 60th. Hope you had a great party on Saturday. Hoppers remind me of Akase Kade! I too had my birthday on the 27th, turned 63!! Old pal Jayasuriya still remembers the date and never fail to send me an email. Talking of the Melbourne Cup, congratulations to you guys for winning the ICC Trophy. The World Cup is closer to us next year, playing in the Carribean and quite a lot of Indians and some Sri Lankans are planning to travel from here.(Ana)

Ana, glad to note you turned 63-wishing you many happy returns of October 27. Akase Kade and the air conditioned Bar on the ground floor (Spotted Deer) were great places for our enjoyment. The ICC Final turned out to be a lack lustre event. I telephoned Anto who did not like his previous job for valid reasons and is now more settled in working for a friend.(Eric)

Welcome Nawaz to our mailing group, it'll be good to hear from you, especially about the happenings in SL & the "ex-CICers" & "Chemanexes". James, Vywil popped up & then popped out it seems. I wonder what we need to do to get them to contribute, perhaps a Big Brother segment on the website????????? But with Mallika writing regularly now, hopefully she can get the others in SL involved. I'll put everyone's contribution on John Aratchi into one document & post it on the site this week.

I'm also looking at putting up a new & bigger site to accommodate future photos & articles. I'll get my IT expert to set this up for me. James, re your water therapy sent some time ago, I know a friend of mine in SL who drinks EIGHT glasses every morning before a morning cuppa. I followed his advice and managed three but am down to a miserable one. Then I heard on the radio yesterday that no one's been able to pinpoint the benefit of this definitely and that there's no evidence of improvements to the kidney. Ah, well, it was also said that mother's milk was not good for you by the milk food manufacturers many years ago. Who knows, the same thing may happen to drinking lots of water in the morning. Hope all of you are well. We are getting the first wintry blasts here from the Antarctic and, more importantly, some much needed rain. Elmo

Why don't you also try to contact Kathleen, Moira and Jill. I think Rita might have Kathleen's contact details. I shall get it from her and pass it on to you. What about Anthony? Doesn't he like to join the band? There are other names that I remembered after I sent you the email like Ardney Pelpola (Maha Indra) who was working at Chemanex and is in the USA. Kottegoda (I cannot remember his first name) the quiet guy in specks, Karunairatnam, who is in Canada or the UK, Sriyani Ranasinghe who was from Seeduwa, don't know where she is now.

I shall write to Mandy Ratnatunga and Marini Chellappah both in Australia as ask them whether they like to join the Evergreens. Some time back I was told that Melchi is 'dead' and was really surprised to see his name among the evergreens. Anyway he seems to be asleep now cause there doesn't seem to be any response from him at all. Good luck to everyone and hope we will be successful in getting all these ex-CIC / Chemanex staff to join us.

MallikaI met Noel Senanayake quite by chance at the funeral of the mother of the Parish Priest of St. Mary's Church, Bambalapitya, Rev. Fr Sriyan Ranasinghe, who happens to be Lalith Ranasignhe's brother. I am forwarding his email to all of you so that he too could join the CIC Evergreens and at the same time I have forwarded the website address to him as well.Noel's email address is

Mallika, Why do you say I am a silent member? I wrote to you about two weeks ago to find out how I can add my comments to the history page but received not reply. Can one of you tell me how I can get about it. Thank all of you once again for all your prayers and comforting words during the time we needed it most.May God bless you and your families always Mallika

Hi Elmo,I accidentally clicked on the send button before I could finish my comments to be added to the page. Srikanthan's secretary Ganjalee Dias (I cannot remember her married name) to is in Australia. Why don't you get her to join the evergreens? Also Mano Abraham's wife's sister-in-law Rajini Sandrasagara, Majella's Cousin Sharmini Machado and Sorabarani Somasundaram (who was in the Ledger dept) are in Canada. Get James to contact them to join the Evergreens. Mallika

Hi Mallika, It's nice to see that you are active in the Evergreens Forum. I wish the rest of the crowd chips in too. Yes, I remember all the names you have mentioned. I am sure our buddy (who is in our group but does not have a computer) Antony, remembers Sorabaranee very well! He was madly in love with her those days. All the best. Ananda.

Yes, I remember Sobaranee & Anto's crush on her too! As usual with Anta, it was obvious to everyone but him that he was casting meaningful glances at her and little else! I'm sure Sobaranee knew! Thanks for reminding us of all these contacts. I remember Ganjalee but I don't know how successful I'll be in tracing her in this big brown land. I'll see whether Deanne has had any contact. Elmo

Hi Guys, I managed to get hold of our one time cashier turned accountant, Nawaz Faleel. He will be part of the Evergreens from now on. So Faleel, welcome aboard. Anta and Raju are in touch but they don't have computers yet. Please respond to this email copying everybody so we know you got this email.Ana.

Yala –

Hi Elmo Thanks for those lovely Yala photographs. Years ago I went to Yala with our own Melchi along with a Times Group. It was here a chap who came with us explained to us how to escape from an Elephant chase ! He said , "You must always run in a zig-zag fashion". On our first night in Yala we went a bit too close to a patch of jungle where we heard Elephants trumpeting. Melchi and I followed this man's advice and ran zig-zag and came right into our tent in no time. Bur "Ali Matahaya" as this man was known made a straight 100 metre dash and forgot all about the "zig-zag" business. But no one ever saw anything like an Elephant. It was all imagination!! Path

Eric - Thanks for the details re John Aratchi's passing. You do keep us posted. Elmo, Ana - Great contributions from you too. The recent Yala shots are great. So was Eric's Wellawatte in the 80's. I should say in all fairness to Mallika she does communicate better than some of our evergreens. Melchi has fallen asleep. Ragu has to get worked up. Then he gives us a his point and dozes off, till he makes another point. No offence Ragu! Roy and Raj are still playing around with their terminals.

By the way Roy. A tip from another tennis enthusiast. He says don’t go for the womens games. True you will see two hot women playing against each other. This rascal goes to the men’s games. There, all the hot women come to the men’s game with the same idea on their minds.

Paths,- regarding escaping from an elephant chasing you, I got a tip long ago. Yes, keep running, but when you are nearing a fork, signal a right turn frantically. At the fork at the last minute turn left. The elephant will follow your signal to the right. Ha Ha. Guys we have been sharing a lot amongst each other. Memories, anecdotes, great pics. I thought I'll share a great lifestyle tip with you.

This apparently is practised in Japan and was passed onto me a few weeks ago by my brother in law's sis - who is a cancer survivor - with a great positive attitude. First thing in the morning (after washing your mouth) drink 3 glasses of plain water on an empty stomach. Dont take anything (coffee/Tea or breakfast) for at least 45 minutes. Do this for a week and see the difference. I have been doing this for the last two weeks. Dilky noticed the difference and is trying to do the same. Of course I downsized (cheated) I get up at 6.00 a.m. Drink two glasses of water. Have breakfast @ 6.30 a.m. and am on my way to work @ 7.10. At work my bladder takes me to the washroom a few extra visits. Think about it. There are lots of plus points in favor.

In Canada we are holiday tomorrow. Still pay homage to Queen Victoria's birthday. Do they even remember it in the UK? In the U.S. it is Columbus day. Sri Lanka of course is Vesak. Whats the holiday down under. James

Elmo, I just read through the history page. The name of the 'tall' lady is Kathleen Scharanguivel, who was SK's secretary. First to migrate to Aussie was Mandy Ratnatunga, Edward's secretary. Kathleen and Moira Casperz migrated later..What has become of the Fernando foursome - Austin, George, Francis and Peter (Marie's ex-hubby)? You have also forgotten the Telephone Operators/Receptionists - Jill Candappa (Livera) and Pamela de Silva (Rohan de Alwis' widow). Jill is in supposed to be in Australia.


Hi everybody. This is to give the contacts of a few more Ever-Greens. That is if you remember Ruwan Lokuge, if I am not mistaken he was a rep in the paints division. He is having his own business and is dealing with industrial chemicals and machinery and is doing well. Also, Jayantha Jayasundera who is working for BASF Finlays Chemicals. I meet them in office, most of the time, because they have dealings with Astron, formerly Pfizer. Also Winston Thangarajah who is now in Myannmar he was also trying to do some business with us sometime back and is to visit our office. The other one is Chandra Jayarathna who is doing extremely well now and having is own pharmaceutical company. Bye love to all - Nalinee

Hi Melchi, About three years back when we were having the get-together for CICers I asked someone to find out whether you are in Sri Lanka, if so to invite you and I was informed that you had expired. That's why I mentioned it in my email. Anyway my email has woken you up from your slumber. Mallika

Hi Mallika How come you came to the conclusion that I am "dead" when my name did not appear in the obituary column (you may have seen it under "wanted" column....!!!!) Melchi

Hi Eric, I was sad to note that George Fernando too has gone to the world beyond. I don't know how I missed his obituary notice in the papers as the first thing I do when I get the Daily News is to read the obituaries. I met your brother and sister-in-law in Church yesterday and had a long chat with them. We still continue to go to St Mary's Church although we now reside in Nawinna, ‘cause my daughter sings in the Youth Choir and also we don't want to go anywhere else. Regards to all the evergreens. Mallika

Ananda! You always seem to remember these names and faces. I for one cannot remember my own name or my own birthday sometimes. I certainly could remember Bertie though. However I cannot forget the beautiful faces of our Sri Lankan girls though ha! Ha! Regards Ragu

Hi Ragu, I remember Vinoda Samaya too. Apart from Bertie Gunatileka, If I recollect, there was Samuel Rodrigo, Annesley Dias and one other who took part. Ananda.

Hi Alagaratnam and others! That was the guy Bertie. I could not recollect his name. I cannot recall the other one ?.unless I see someone like Bertie acting in that one too. Rupavahini to its credit produces some very good tele dramas which can be compared in quality and content, to the Western and Indian tele-dramas too. Regards Ragu

Thanks, Ragu- I just finished watching all three episodes. I used to enjoy it too. Yes Bertie was hilarious. I also used to enjoy "Handiya Gedera" episodes. James

Hi Evergreens! I used to enjoy the Sri Lankan tele-drama "Vinoda Samaya" when I was in Sri Lanka. A friend of mine forwarded this tele drama which can be accessed through "u tube" So enjoy, as it would certainly bring back some old memories. I really enjoy that fat guy's antics in the tele drama, he is so funny.

And I want to say hi! to Faleel, Jayasuriya, Rukmani, Nalinee and Sandra too, who we know read our Evergreen e-mails and sometimes are amused at what we are writing, but are choosing to stay quiet so far. So open up, lets here from you too. Ragu

Hi Ana, Desiree is married to Edmund Paiva, and Edmund is part of the Paiva clan which Madjela was too. Eric will know Desiree's maiden name as I have only known her her from the time she was married. Madjela was married to Bala who we all met in Toronto when Eric visited. I remember Sandra too, who used to gamefully compete in the Badminton tournaments. Glad to know ole friends are keeping in touch. With all the names being mentioned and inquired after Eric/Elmo - dont you agree we should set up a list of all the names that come to mind on the evergreen blog. Let anyone who has names to add, insert the names and the years they were there, themselves included. Keep going evergreens. Maybe if Mahinda can halt the bombings its time for a Evergreens get together dance @ the "Waterhole"

Hello Eric, Is Desiree Paiva a relative of Majella Paiva? I remember Madjela but not Desiree. Also like to welcome Jill, Nalinee, Isitha (never writes) and Sandra to the forum. Majella was a very friendly person, who sadly is no more.Ananda.

Hi Jill, Yes the memories keep rolling back on the sands of Time! Well Desiree Paiva is my cousin who lives in Toronto and I met her last August when the idea of the CIC evergreens surfaced-she has 2 children who are in the University and the family is doing all right. I will contact her soon and pass on yr. Message. Eric

Hi Jill, Nice to hear from you. Welcome aboard. Siritunge, Bopearatchchy, Lal, Bosco and Srikanthan are no longer at CIC. They have retired. Shirley, Marie, Rohan de Alwis and Ignatius Fernando have all passed away. Do keep in touch, Regards, Mallika

Has anyone heard from Deserie Paiva I know she is in Canada, she used to write to me but I have not heard from her for ages. I keep in touch with Edwards.I was in SriLanka in December.I also get a Christmas card from Luxman Fernando, how are Siritunge, Bopearachy and Lal and Bosco are they still at CIC. Where is Srikanthan and also SK now. What about Shirley? the names are all coming back. Keep in touch this is cool. Jill

Hi Elmo,I just remembered another ex CICer - Leonard Ranasinghe. Does anyone know what has become of him? I saw Indrani recently whilst passing Nugegoda. Couldn't speak to her as we were at the traffice lights and she was walking down Stanley Tillekeratne Mw. Dont know>where she lives or how to contact her.

Spoke to Rita today. She said that their guest house is almost ready. Why don't all you guys who come over to SL for a holiday so that we canall go for a weekend to Rita's Guest House? Why don't you add Chris de Saram's name to the departed souls? Regards to all Mallika

Hi James, Ana & the rest. James you state rightly Desiree was married to Edmund Paiva-her maiden name was Gomez and she worked for Chris De Saram ere emigrating. I am not certain if Desiree is related to Majella Paiva who certainly was one of the most pleasant Receptionists at the CIC Office.

James your suggestions re a list of CIC/CNX staff on the blog would be a great idea now that there is a surge of enthusiasm to come under the banner of the evergreens! Lets hope the folks in SL will join in with their own contributions and not be silent partners.

Amongst the deceased its good to remember Ian Outschoorn my senior in the Paints Dept- Ian had a passion for novels under the pen of PG Wodehouse which I followed. John Beebee had informed Joe Roche that Lou Adihetty ( Switzerland) when he visited Melbourne had removed the CIC Hockey team photograph for old time’s sake. The CIC hockey stars will recall how we vanquished Pettah Pharmacy (sporting 3 National players) by a solitary goal scored just 3 minutes before the long whistle at the NCC grounds- Lou was our Goal keeper and we had a great all-round side which I was privileged to lead in 1966.Incidentally that reminds me of MD Leelasena our 'star' who is also now in the land beyond.

Melchi its very reassuring to realise that you are back on track with your witty contributions and allaying Mallika's fear that you were 'gone'too. Cheers to all. Eric

Ana, I guess I have answered yr. query re Majella who lived at Macleod Road and married Balasingham whom I met at our CIC reunion in Toronto. Isitha its time for you to 'wake up' otherwise you too may be deemed to be 'missing' from our list like poor Melchi. Eric

Ana, The CIC hockey team was famous in its own way in the Mercantile sector with a fine all round side winning the C Division double and being promoted to the B div. thereafter. XL & Sam Jacob & Joe Roche were the full backs with Shirley Perera, S.Kanagalingam & Lou Adihetty manning the posts-those were the days! I agree it will be a great idea to have a get together in some part of the world. Cheers! Eric PS: Recall XL being ordered off the field for questioning the umpires's decision-ha!ha!

Talking of the very successful hockey team, I still remember the XL de Mel cheering squad... He used to yell out "WORRY...WORRY...WORRY THEM!" And Nalinee and the net ballers, we were there not cheer but to see them in their skirts! James, it's a good idea to list all the CICers who were there in the 60s, 70s and 80s on a separate page on our website. I think Elmo can do the needful. We can list them by Department. Example..Wharf - Joe, Austin, Lalith, Hector, Boyagoda, Heather, Marie, Rohan etc.

And we should seriously think of a get together at a place like "Waters Edge" or Rita's Bungalow, or maybe in Australia, Canada, UK or sunny California, and invite SK, Srikanthan, and the rest of the bosses. Cheers everybody. Ananda.

Eric thanks for clarifying Desirees maiden name. I think Jill and Desiree are by now in touch. Thanks for the memories of the hockey team, which Kingsley and I later were inducted into and did not do too badly either. Elmo will do the needful I am sure via spreadsheet format. All of us can recollect names. W.R.Perera, Francis Fernando, Arulanandam, Jeyaratnam etc.

I think I got Ana in the swinging mood. Yes if need be come to Toronto. Only, over here the bars close @ 1.00 a.m. I can add another invitee. Sebastian Benjamin Arumainyagam - now related to me (thru my cousin marrying his nephew). Mallika I did pass on your inquiry to Mano sometime back. Guess what evergreens, our website is being viewed by others as well (non CIC/Chemanex). Must be your fans Eric. Pardon Roy's silence. The french open is on, and Maria S is progressing. By the way Roy dont get hot on Amelie M. She is not (you know). Cheers, James

James I well remember you & Kinglsey playing for the hockey team. You did well playing on the right flank whilst Kingsley was not bad though he had a tendency to 'wander' around the field!!?? Its a healthy sign that our membership is expanding at a fast pace-my only hope is that the momentum will remain stable and not wither away. James keeping track of our days at CIC/CNX is pretty good - we'll leave that to our webmaster Elmo P. In my case I joined ICI in 1957-its 50 years of work life for me now. Cheers to all. Eric


It is great to hear from you. As Ananda says how can we forget the girls we knew over there at CIC and Chemanex .... and the Netball teams, Table Tennis and Cricket teams too. Life and times were wonderful then. After I joined CARE it was work and a lot of work with no play. And I was missing all of you. Anyway this is a great way of connecting with each other. Please keep in touch. Regards to all Ragu

Good to hear from you Nalinee!! How can we forget our star Netball Player:)) Will try to meet you when I am there in August. Hope you remember me. Ananda.

Hi Jill!

I am Jill (was Jill Livera and then Candappa)I worked at CIC for about 10 years before I migrated to Queensland Australia in 1983, a year after the sad passing of my husband Tyrone (Chartred Bank). I was at the Hemas Building and then moved to the York St building.

Have been in touch with Nalinee, Rukmanie, was in touch with Chinta Salgado but have not heard from her. I hear from Fareeda occasionally. Would love to hear from everyone else. Lalith Fernondo Hector, Paul, Ilangakooon, Ishita Pathma, George, Beeby Sabaratnam, Indranie, HJT, Peter and the list goes on. Lovely to bring back these memories I have a few photos which I will soon sent through. Until I hear from you. Regards Jill.

Malika I can remember your name which department did you work in, Thanks for the email what on earth has happened to you. My son is 27 and Tracy is 26. I shall write to you once you reply. Thanks for linking me to the CIC guys.

That was a welcome breeze from Queensland! One more entrant to our CIC club and thanks for joining in. I do well remember your late husband Tyrone who was a stalwart at Chartered Bank.I may add that George Fernando from Negombo is also in the land beyond. Are you referring to Lalith Ranasinghe and not Fernando? Any trace of Austin Fernando who moved from Chilaw to Kandana long years ago. Is Fareeda on email-if so can enrol her too. Regards to all. Eric

Hi everyone, Jill reminded us of HJT. His name is not on the list of the departed souls. Hector's, Isitha's and Pathmanathan's email address are on the list. Speaking of receptionists, how can we forget Minoli and Doreen Ambrose (maybe before your time) Ananda.

Marini Moses (Chellapah)

Thanks for your email giving all the news at your end. Yes, I certainly do not mind you forwarding my email to the rest. In fact I was thinking of emailing Anto (I was very friendly with him while at Chemanex), Eric and Isitha (whose email addresses were on the website) when I get some time. I re-connected with Mallika when I went to Sri Lanka in 2005 for my niece's wedding. We were talking of the days we played netball after work! Those were such carefree days?.

I remember you visiting us when we were at Springvale Road Forest Hill - that must have been in 1991/1992 - from there we moved to Rowville in 1994, stayed there till 1998 and moved to Vermont. It's a nice suburb and we hope to stay here. My husband Bala is still at the Hotel Sofitel - almost 17 years service - he is in the Accounts Department.

I must look up my old album and see whether there are any photos of my days at CIC/Chemanex which I can pass on to you. There are some ex Chemanex staff here too but I don't have contact nos. Mr & Mrs Tennakoon were here on a holiday about 2 or 3 years ago and we visited him at his hotel. Lal de Alwis was also here very briefly in 2005 and he rang me and had a chat. I am in touch with Diane (nee Nugara - now Gonsalves) and Nilanthi de Silva - one of the secretaries (who married Kirthi - he was an Executive at CIC). I will see whether they'd like to join the evergreens.



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Faz said...

I worked at Chartered Bank from 1969-79. Tyronne Candappa was a close friend and colleague. May his soul rest in peace.

Also knew Ranjith Perera, Roshan Sukhla, Jill Candappa (who later worked as telephone operator at the bank too), and many others from the companies, "upstairs", very well.

One of the Siritunga brothers (the oldest, I believe) who also worked in one of the organizations, has passed away.

Chartered Bank was infested with Colombo Chetty's in those times. Alles, Candappa, Fernandopulle, Vindurampulle, etc.