Monday, July 27, 2009

Budryn, Hassan & Dylan

Dylan, Budryn & Hassan
Playing music or singing is simple to the threesome
by Mahes PERERA

"Playing music or singing, should be as simple as drawing a breath" and to the threesome guitarist Dylan Lye, singer Budrin Musafer and drummer Hassen Musafer the saying couldn't be more true. It's their life, and the vibes they spread have always been exciting and entertaining. The three musicians were in Sri Lanka recently to attend to family commitments and in their free time met up with other musicians to rapport and exchange musical chords which gave pleasure to their audiences.

Guitarist Dylan Lye, singer Budrin Musafer and drummer Hassen MusaferDylan Lye guitarist/vocalist a former member of the famed Jetliners led by Mignonne Fernando, the band made a name for themselves for seventeen years in Hong Kong. Dylan continued his musical career in Hong Kong once the band disbanded and is now much sought after for recording sessions, concert shows and regular combo work in hotels and jazz clubs."Presently I have a four piece band at the Melting Pot comprising piano, drums and a singer. I play bass as well whenever the occasion demands it. Our sets are fusion, jazz, rhythm and blues, Latin and funk. We are hoping to release a CD in the near future and we have a keyboardist whose compositions are somewhat similar to that of Fourplay. There will also be a festival next year in February organised by the locals in Hong Kong and we are looking forward to it.Here in Sri Lanka I'm happy to comment that there's an improvement in the music scene content wise. A lot of youngsters are showing enthusiasm and commitment which augurs well for the progress of music. Unfortunately what is lacking are sax sounds and trumpet sounds. Majority of them are concentrating on the guitar", comments Dylan whose guitar artistry is in a class of its own and we are proud that he is one of us.Hassen Musafer who himself was the drummer for the Jetliners at the Regent, Hong Kong for two years before he moved over to play with a Trio under Tony Fernando's management, was happy to be back home to be featured at the Malay Club celebrations. "I came back after four years and I found that more new young drummers have 'been born'!That's good. In Hong Kong too, youngsters have taken to drumming and I teach students at their homes. To be a good musician, and I say this over and over again to all students, you have to be committed and disciplined. Then the rest will fall into place."Your sticks and cymbals language is fabulous. Who were your influences in the early years?"Here in Sri Lanka Harris Jurampathy was one, then there was Faleel Ziard and Upali Fernando. As for the foreign drummers Billy Cobham, Harvey Mason and Vinnie Coluta and I was fortunate to have met and talked with them at Hong Kong when they came in for festivals or concerts.Any CDs in the making?"I recorded one with Dan Lovell - guitar, Anthony Fernadez - drums, I played tabla, there was Mike Carr on bass, an African - American on piano and a singer Mia.We are in the process of fine tuning it and the CD will be released soon."Currently Hassen is playing at the Four seasons, Hong Kong on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and as he tells us he fits in a night with Dylan Lye at the Melting Pot.Budrin Musafer one time singer with the successful Spitfires is a compere too loaded with a delightful sense of humour. "I was looking forward to being in Sri Lanka for family commitment. I live in Paris and it was soul satisfying meeting up with the musicians. Especially Maxie Rozairo and Noeline Honter who were with the Spitfires.
I'm sorry I missed Dalreen, but then glad I met Laurence Manricks the bassist / keyboardist.

There was talk tossed around that a second comeback concert of the Spitfires is in the offing. Is it true?"Yes we are thinking of it. We have to get our act together and we are targetting February or so next year. We are hoping to include Ronnie, Chinti, Rodney van Heer and Rodney Rabot. The scene over here has progressed. Aquarius and Flame are great. Getting down foreign bands is not fair by our musicians. Our musicians on the other hand should bond together and be strong, should like what they are doing - which will bring out the best in them.You are here at a time when the world lost Michael Jackson, a musician who started off something new. What's your comment?"He was a perfectionist. His type of music has influenced many young musicians. He created something different. He was a singer, a dancer, a composer, a showman - he created a new style, a new way and made extremely creative video chips."

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