Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Grand Old Baker

The early morning and late afternoon baker boy who never fails cycle his way along the streets of Colombo to stop at each and every doorstep, ringing his clanger, dishing out his delicacies of bread, and pastries to one and all.

Some of the delicacies we used to enjoy during our youth were buns, filled with raisins, Kimbula buns laced with sugar, Malu Paan (Fish Bun), Roast Paan (Toasted bread in loaves), and Cream filled Cakes.

Bread was sold by the loaf and a prime requirement in every home.

His smiling face and glowing demeanor will always linger in our hearts and minds [pic courtesy Michael Satchie, taken in Wellawatte in 1981]

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